#BrightNewThings Coast Blogger's Event


Last week, I was invited along to the Coast store in Oxford Circus for a little bit of dressing up including a hair and face makeover! I'm hopeless with my hair and never do anything with it. It's just a case of wake up, quick brush, 'a poof up' and I'm good to go.

I picked out an amazing green coloured dress in the usual style I'd got for and the on set stylist picked out a bling bling necklace and some amazing heels in a watercolour floral print to go with the dress. A lovely lady did my makeup using Bare Minerals makeup. She used the softest brush EVER(by Dior I believe) to set my powder! We then moved onto hair. It was transformed into a 40's style with two rolled quiffs and loose, bouncy drop curls towards the ends of my hair; fixed with a billion bobby pins and hairspray! Obviously I kept it in for as long as possible; feeling sooo glamorous on the train home!

Coast is a high street brand higher up on the scale for price but with a little more luxury. It's not a brand I am particularly familiar with nor have I ever stepped foot in; but it's a shop I would definitely re-consider. They stock some really beautiful dresses; particularly some that are perfect for Summer weddings! You definitely feel like you're purchasing/trying something on really special when you're in Coast. I did, anyway!

^ My hair and the lovely outfit :)
Thank you so much to Sherin for inviting me, Bare Minerals for the lovely makeup used on my face and Coast for the invitation!

XO love, Ashleigh x


  1. the photos are lovely and you look so beautiful :D

  2. I love the overall transformation. It just brought out the hidden beauty in you! Congratulations and better keep it up! It’s important for women to love themselves a little bit more. Stay away from stress and always smile. You really look good on your new look and keep it up!


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