New work: 'Dreamy Love'


The project brief was just a digital project meaning the images had to be digital but I could go down any route in terms of genre. I decided as always to shoot my favourite type of photography; that being fashion/portraiture/editorial. I love free reign projects. I fee like I get involved in them so much more!

I decided to use floral head crowns supplied by the lovely Crown & Glory and use my sister as the model for the whole project! She is quite tall, with a pale complexion and long hair. When testing my ideas, she reminded me of a cherub so I went along with that theme and here are the test shot outcomes. I'm really happy with these! The only things I changed for the final shoot was the colour of the head crown and the location. 


makeup & photography: Ashleigh Dougherty
model: Louise Hatchard
dress: ASOS
floral headcrowns c/o: Crown & Glory*


For the final shoot, it was about a month ago when we had rain in London non-stop and then one day it was gloriously sunny so it was SHOOT DAY!! We headed to our local forest and when I say we.. my mum and dad decided to help! Even the dog came along! The car was loaded with makeup, a fur coat to keep my sister warm, biscuits to keep us going and a big bag of camera gear.

What do you think? 

XO love, Ashleigh x


  1. Your photography is so beautiful and elegant, i love the way the light hits her face in the black and white picture of her standing, it's so pretty!
    Elle xx

  2. I love the third photo down (black and white one) of the final shots :)! Fantastic series :) so sweet that all your family came along to help! xx

  3. this is unbelievable beautiful! also love the shadows of the branches on her white dress <3

  4. These are all so beautiful! x

  5. the 3rd from last is the best one!
    seems like one of those brothers grimm fairy tales :)

    x, Tamara

  6. your pictures look amazing, i love seeing your work xxx

  7. really amazing photos!

  8. Oh love, these are just beautiful! I can't imagine I'd ever manage to look that whimsical and natural if you ever photographed me. You captured her perfectly and she's a fab model. Lovely :) You've got mad skillz xx

  9. Anonymous12/5/13

    your photography is gorgeous ! xx

  10. Ooh how gorgeous! You are very very talented!

  11. this are amazing! you are so good at photography!!

    amy x

  12. Those are some fantastic snaps! They does look dreamy hence your title

    The Young Bridget Jones

  13. I love your photography so much. It's unique and emotional, it's really, really great.


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