project: exPOSEd

I never usually do a shoot, edit and share my work within the same day. It usually takes me around two weeks to do everything but I am so excited to share this body of work with you all!

I originally came across an image of Kate Moss (similar to this) by the fantastic Jeurgen Teller. I have always wanted to photograph nudity but in a way that appreciates the beauty of the female body. I want my work to be tasteful and not tacky or seedy.

Today me and my friend headed to a forest and did an hour of test shooting. As the project is a digital experimentation assignment; it means I have to try out different digital techniques i.e layering, curves, re-touching (air brushing, brightening eyes etc) and video. I know the whole idea of manipulating imagery is contradicting the context of a natural female body, but as it's the middle of February, I had no choice but to airbrush out my model's goosebumps!

Please let me know what you think in the comments below and give it a favourite on flickr (click the STAR above the photo) if you're feeling generous. As always, your comments on my uni work will be print screened and put into my work journal book :-)

XO love, Ashleigh x
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joules wellington boots

millie wellies £36.95*

Thankfully and hopefully, we have seen the last of the snow! However, these came in handy when London was showered with snow a few weeks ago. 

Joules are an online brand who stock equestrian inspired items but many other things too! There is something for everyone as they have items for women, men, children and even the home. Win win! I was kindly sent some women's wellies in preparations for the snow. I was a bit apprehensive at first as when I think of wellies; I immediately think of farmers. Fortunately, upon looking at the range of wellies Joules offer for women, I was pleasantly surprised to see they have some very stylish ones! They would look fantastic with the range of women's quilted jackets they have to offer too. I am now looking forward to long walks in the pouring rain and sloppy mud with my dog!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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the sunday post: week seven + eight

Models Own x Hed Kandi 'Beach Party', Johnathon Hallam guest lecture, Cadbury spoon egg, Valentine's morning, Pancakes in bed, Andrew taking up my hobby, Valentine's goodies, Valentine's meal, Topshop Joni jeans, Pamper morning, London Fashion Week outfit, LFW tube journey, LFW wristbands, All Star Lanes bar, New favourite night-out outfit, Early afternoon moon, Mini shoot with my sister + Me.

I have been a little quiet on the blogging front lately as life is getting in the way and I've been a busy little bee all week. I have tried to blog about what I'm up to in chronological order but it's not gone to plan. For example, I still need to blog about pancake day which will include a little video.

I'm not going to blab on about Valentine's day as I blogged this week about my wonderful few days with my boy so click here to head on over to that post if you are interested.

You may also be interested in:

  • A review of diary doll period pants (click here) - a fabulous invention for girls and monthly troubles!
  • Learning about Printstagram - I placed an order and wrote a post on them here.
  • Seeing my boyfriend! (click here) - I took some photographs of his beautiful stubbled face :-)


Finding five minutes to sit down and blog lately is rare as I am so busy with university (four weeks behind on work really doesn't help!). I know exactly what I'm going to blog about soon. Here is a sneak preview:
  • My bad first-time LFW (London Fashion Week) experience. It was tragic.
  • Pancake day - including a video!
  • A yummy dinner recipe! It involves chicken.
  • Finally used some Violent Eyes tattoos in a shoot. Review to come!
  • A review of some fabulous pre-festival welly boots.
  • I attended a fab bar in Holborn called All Star Lanes this week. Post to come!
  • Johnathon Hallam Uni guest lecture, my thoughts etc
  • VIDEO IDEA: "Boyfriend does my makeup" and "the boyfriend tag"
  • ... & lots more.
Until then! dot dot dot

XO love, Ashleigh x
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quack and snap

shirt: pull & bear

After a little walk to feed ducks on Valentine's Day, I took a few photographs of Andrew which he seemed super comfortable with so I obviously had to take advantage of the situation before he changed his mind. I think he has a lovely bone structure. I just find him so beautiful; inside and out.

XO love, Ashleigh x
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instagram prints

printstagram prints
batches of 12

A few weeks ago, I read Zoe's blog post about this fab little website called Printstagram where you can print your instagram photos which you can choose directly from your account meaning no long uploads! They come in batches of twelve in two different sizes; mini prints or standard prints. I opt'd for the standard prints which are similar to a polaroid size. They are printed onto a really nice quality card and the prints themselves are stunning. No faults to report back on with Printstagram what so ever. The prints arrived in less than a week even though they were shipped from America. I remember getting a parcel tracker email the day before they arrived telling me my order was currently in L.A. Airplanes are so cool.

I am going to blu-tack these on my wall. I ordered 48 of them so there's plenty to go around! Printstagram also offer other cool things such as mini books, posters and stickers... so I may just have to place another order! Fab fab fab!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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Valentine's Day

After the longest day at Uni on Wednesday (13th Feb), it was super lovely to go to my boyfriend's and relax for a few days. We decided to order some food as neither of us could be bothered to cook. We ordered "healthy burgers" which were actually quite spicy and very filling; with cheesy potato skins and milkshakes. So stuffed after. We literally couldn't move for ages! 

Valentine's morning, I woke up to a kiss and a cuddle and breakfast in bed. Er hello, who wouldn't turn down pancakes in bed?

I have never been big on Valentine's Day but I actually made an effort this year. After breakfast we exchanged gifts. I got Andrew a really lovely t-shirt and some socks with popcorn on. I had to get them! If you didn't know already, we met through work :-) I was then told to close my eyes and not peek (I didn't, promise) and two minutes later was told I can OPEN! In front of me was the nicest bunch of flowers I have ever received; a mixture of red and light pink roses and lillies which happen to be my favourites. I also got swanky underwear and chocolates! Spoilt!

In the afternoon, we took a walk to the local lake and fed the ducks. They crowded round us but I made sure I fed the pigeons too (I am one of them people who feel so sorry for them). 

Forty something pence from Sainsburys. You have to try them!

Just as the sun was starting to set, we took a walk home and made sure we strolled down the "rich street". We've estimated the houses are worth a couple of million each. Being nosy, we obviously took a photo of some. Apologies if your house is pictured. Can we be friends?

After a lovely morning and afternoon, we had a lovely four course meal at a Chinese restaurant in outer London. Everything was great! I was even given a rose :-)

starters: vegetable spring rolls, spare ribs, thai fish cakes, chicken skewers & crispy seaweed.
First main: shredded duck, duck hoison sauce & pancake wraps.
Second main: spicy chicken and vegetables, beef in blackbean sauce, special fried rice & sweet'n'sour prawns.
Dessert: fried apple and banana in toffee sauce with vanilla ice-cream.
The next morning, we did face masks to wake ourselves up and just for a bit of fun! Andrew cut cucumber slices for us, although I am not entirely sure what cucumber does for your eyes, but that's what you're meant to do, right?

Haha ^. And that's it! A fab few days with my boy.

XO love, Ashleigh x
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diary doll period pants

diary doll pants*
£9.99 here
available in black or baby pink

This is a bit of an odd post so if you're a boy (and I know a few of you gentleman read my blog), I would really recommend exiting the post and checking back soon. Unless you really are that interested; then feel free to stay!

There's nothing worse than that week your period comes. I become rather moody, I break out, I get awful tummy aches and I literally just lay in bed feeling sorry for myself. I would rather stay in my pyjamas and do all I can to avoid having to put real clothes on and go out somewhere. This results in me being behind on my weekly to-do list; making the week after a very busy one. 

Diary doll pants were purely invented for girls like me. I can wear them alongside my normal protection and know there's going to be no leaks or worries throughout the day! How do I know this? Well, the Diary doll pants have a secret waterproof but breathable panel which are great for heavy periods, use during sport/physical activity and nightly wear. 

I have tested these out and they are fab. I really recommend them! Arriving in a little drawstring bag is ideal aswell as I can keep them in my handbag so I don't have to panic if I'm round my boyfriend's for example. Hallelujah for a fab invention! 

XO love, Ashleigh x
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the sunday post: week six

From left to right: China town, New dress (Primark, £13), Midi dress (Primark, £10 - returned it!), Lost my Wagamamas virginity, Our mains, Dessert, Pizza hut

001: This week I made a re-appearance to Uni for the first time this year. I was umm'ing and ahh'ing for ages whether to drop out or continue and made a decision to only stay if I had passed semester 1. Well, I got a very happy e-mail this week letting me know I had passed two out of three modules and had only failed the third modules by 5%; so it can easily be improved. I'm undecided whether to stick at it enough to do year two, but I may change my mind later in the year.

002: I went to view an exhibition currently being held at the ICA showing Juergen Teller's work. He is one of my all time favourite photographers; shooting the likes of Lily Cole, Victoria Beckham and Kurt Cobain. We also went along to the Hamilton's Gallery to view Bettina Rheim's work; which focuses on gender confusion and transgenders. I am going to do a separate post on the exhibitions at some point during the week as I'm sure a lot of people are interested in popping along. It's worth seeing!

003: Finally got round to having my first ever Wagamamas, yippee! I have never eaten Japenese food before (in all honesty, I just eat Italian every time); so it was nice to have a little change and experiment with my taste buds! I asked on Twitter what I should go for and everyone said the chicken katsu dish. That's what I chose, but I went for the version with sweet potato. It was yummy, but definitely had a kick to it; so much so that I had to ask for a glass of water! Andrew went for a bowl of rice pretty much but he said he liked it and we've agreed we will return soon. The service was really weird though!

004: On Friday we got the results of Nanny Dougherty's operation. If you're a new follower or not in the loop of things; she was diagnosed with breast cancer in late November which came as a sudden shock to us all. Her operation was meant to be a week before Christmas which was then cancelled and re-scheduled for late January. She went into hospital and had the operation to remove the lump in her breast which she is still recovering from. We have then had to wait for results to find out whether all of the cancer has been removed and whether it has spread. I am SO happy to type and announce on my blog that my strong Nanny Dougherty has beaten breast cancer and it hasn't spread. It's all gone! Hopefully it stays this way. She will still have to have check ups to make sure it's not made a re-appearance but this is such a relief and weight off our shoulders. My Nanny is the rock of all the family and without her, it just wouldn't be the same. I plan on writing a post about her soon.

004: It's been a rather lazy weekend. I've caught up on e-mails, took some photographs for blog posts and started planning a fashion shoot. So far so good! Hope you're all having a fab weekend! :)

XO love, Ashleigh x
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fifty facts about me!

001: My name is Ashleigh. My middle name is Lily.
002: I was born on 3rd January 1993 which makes me twenty.
003: There's about a 90% chance I was a twin.
004: My Godmother is my mum's best friend who she has known since she was 5.
005: My hair is naturally auburn which then turned brown with golden highlights.
006: I ruined this by dying my hair bright red when I was 13. Fab.
007: I played violin for about two months before it bored me to tears.
008: I was a ballet, tap and modern dancer when I was about 7 for about 5 years.
009: I got up to a yellow belt in karate, go me!
010: I did horse riding and named my horse (not literally mine) "Sunshine".

011: I played Piano for 10 years then stopped when I left school.
012: I had my first kiss when I was 18 months old with a family friend who I still talk to.
013: After school, I went to sixth form and studied Photography, Art, Psychology and Sociology. It was horrid and I dropped out a few months into it.
014: I have short nails. I can never grow them. Ever!
015: I'm 5'4 inches tall.
016: I have size 5 feet and small hands.
017: I have one sister and two half siblings.
018: I always fell asleep in Maths lessons.
019: I LOVE CHEESE; especially feta. 
020: I have two small birth marks; one on my side and one on my knee which is only visible in the summer, weird!

021: My favourite restaurant is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Why? CHEESE.
022: I was personally chosen twice to do a workshop with the Philharmonic Orchestra London.
023: I won a handwriting competition in school and won a signed book by Michael Morpurgo.
024: My mum works at the Primary school I attended.
025: I went to two secondary schools because I was bullied physically and emotionally in the first one.
026: I used to be obsessed with history, especially Henry VIII so named my hamster Henry. (I was 10)
027: I only have my ears pierced and have no tattoos.
028: I have had pink hair.
029: I've listened to rock music since I was 14. 
030: I have saved a kitten's life.

031: I've never broken a bone.
032: My best friend lives opposite me.
033: I have lived in 5 places.
034: My niece and Grandad are my favourite people.
035: I fell in love at the stupid age of 15.
036: I work at a cinema.
037: Painting my nails is SUCH a chore. I hate it.
038: I have a BTEC Extended Diploma in Photography and achieved DD*D* :-)
039: I have exhibited my work with BA Honours level work.
040: I have signed photos of Travie McCoy and Gerard Butler.

041: Buying socks is one of my guilty pleasures.
042: I adore Kanye West.
043: I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. I wish I was a wizard. Not witch. Wizard!!!
044: My hair was down to my belly button at one point in my life, but I cut it.
045: My favourite all time film is The Lion King.
046: I will forever love the sports luxe trend. I love trainers!
047: My dream car is a white or sky blue Fiat 500. 
048: I wear red lipstick on most days.
049: When I'm older I want about three pugs.
050: I have been chatted up by a member of boy band 'Blue' (and it's the one I was obsessed with when I was younger, but I'll keep that to myself) ;-)

XO love, Ashleigh x
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