diary doll period pants

diary doll pants*
£9.99 here
available in black or baby pink

This is a bit of an odd post so if you're a boy (and I know a few of you gentleman read my blog), I would really recommend exiting the post and checking back soon. Unless you really are that interested; then feel free to stay!

There's nothing worse than that week your period comes. I become rather moody, I break out, I get awful tummy aches and I literally just lay in bed feeling sorry for myself. I would rather stay in my pyjamas and do all I can to avoid having to put real clothes on and go out somewhere. This results in me being behind on my weekly to-do list; making the week after a very busy one. 

Diary doll pants were purely invented for girls like me. I can wear them alongside my normal protection and know there's going to be no leaks or worries throughout the day! How do I know this? Well, the Diary doll pants have a secret waterproof but breathable panel which are great for heavy periods, use during sport/physical activity and nightly wear. 

I have tested these out and they are fab. I really recommend them! Arriving in a little drawstring bag is ideal aswell as I can keep them in my handbag so I don't have to panic if I'm round my boyfriend's for example. Hallelujah for a fab invention! 

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. This is actually such a good idea! Cute packaging too! x

  2. seems like a perfect idea! :D

  3. Amazing idea! So getting some of these. I always panic for the week I'm on.

  4. this is SUCH a good idea. luckily i don't suffer from particularly heave periods, but i can imagine girls that do will be much more confident knowing they have double protection! i can't believe it hasn't been thought of before! xx

  5. Such a handy thing to have when us girls are in the pits.

  6. I never knew such a thing existed - ha ha ha! I have dreaded heavy periods and definitely will be looking into these :)

  7. such a fab idea! xx


  8. Oh these are amazing I NEED these, I know how you feel literally the dreaded thing of having to put on REAL clothes when your on is just horrible hahah

  9. Fab post and the packaging is really cool too! Didn't even know these existed until now, would definitely make those 'I wanna stay in my pj' days feel sooo much better xoxo

  10. These are such a good idea, xx

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