Shorter, Blonder, Hello New Hair

Oh my bloody god. I can't quite believe I've done it either. I CHOPPED MY HAIR OFF. Well not literally me because that would be silly and highly dangerous. I literally trust NO ONE with my hair but I have found faith in one amazing person and that's my new mobile hair dresser; Kellie. 

I took the plunge and went blonde late last year and I have really enjoyed it but have wanted to go a lot lighter. Being so dark, this took some time and patience but I am now finally at the ashy stage I wanted to be at. As for the hair cut, well I don't quite know what possessed me to do such a drastic thing but I like change and I felt I was needing a little pick-me-up. I've been debating doing this since before Christmas and finally took to the (kitchen chair) seat and awaited the SNIP SNIP.. and here it is! Voila! My new hair! And a little new vlog showing it off!

Magnitone Pixie Lott Lucid Face Brush

usual RRP price: £69.99 | Bought for £10

Remember that beautiful but busy day that hit us all a few months ago... Black Friday they call it?! Well I have to say I completely slated it on all forms of social media telling people they must be mad to hit the shops looking for bargains knowing the whole world is out to do the same thing. Well, I still think the whole idea is ridiculous and I would never march to my local supermarket just to save myself £80 on a new TV but hey, if that's your thing, go for it!

The one purchase I did however make was the Magnitone face brush. Magnitone were tweeting several AMAZIIIING offers out throughout the day. I managed to buy this usual RRP £70 product (which is limited edition by Pixie Lott may I add) for just £10 including postage! The offer was the first 10 orders for £10 and then throughout the day changed to first 20 orders for £20 etc. I was extremely lucky! I did tweet this offer several times on the day so hopefully some of you were lucky enough to get your paws on one too!

The most boring blog post I have probably ever written

001: I don't know if this going to end up being a new feature of mine but Sunday's are the one day I absolutely love. Sunday's for me mean lounging around catching up on stuff I need to do like emails, blog writing, photo editing or simply finishing off a series on Netflix.

002: I've had the laziest weekend ever. I haven't been out and to be honest I haven't done that much in terms of work either. I am currently working at a job with a 0 hour contract which in some ways absolutely sucks but other ways works out perfect around my photography work and blogging. Being freelance is really difficult and I may end up doing a post about this soon but I am still trying to find my feet myself.

003: I am going blonder next week which I am super excited about. I actually haven't had my roots done since October so I am in absolute dire need of a general freshen up. I have also decided I am going to do THE CHOP and get it cut to around collar bone length. I have had long hair for years so I feel a change will be nice. Personally, I blame Taylor Swift.

Hope y'all had a fab weekend! X

21 Things You Should Know Before We Date

Hello ladies, and boys ;)

I thought I would put together a little check list of things you should know before you date me. You are either a wonderful female blog reader who can understand exactly where I am coming from and are all for supporting women and the general shit we have to read and experience from guys... or you are actually a guy who I am maybe about to date or maybe someone who's just generally interested.

Let's go!

01) I am fine without you.
I'm a career focused and motivated woman who has everything she could ever need in life. I have a degree, a successful blog and I am technically self employed at just 22 years old. Everything I have I have created. Everything I own I have bought myself. Don't get me wrong, us girls would all love a tall, strapping man to look after us but really we are doing fine without you.

LC:M Barbour Show

Firstly! Design change! You may notice my blog has had a little lick of paint and I am so excited about it. I always like to switch things up design wise on my blog and have actually worked on my website too to make it all a little more interesting. I'm also adding that little READ MORE button because I do like to share a lot of photos which can often drown my blog with a never ending scroll so hopefully this will make it easier for you to pick and choose what you wish to read.

LC:M - Private White VC Show

I'm lucky and excited to say I am off to a great start to the year by getting an attribution from a magazine to shoot at London Collection Mens AW15. Menswear will always be favoured over womenswear. There's just something about masculinity, tailor wear and cheek bones that I can't get enough of. Ok, I'm digressing...

Beautiful Balconette Bra


Just before Christmas, I received a beautiful bra from House of Fraser. I chose the Charnos Sienna bra which is a balconette fit; my personal fav! I have quite a large chest so I often find it very difficult in finding bras that not only fit, but ones that are actually comfortable. I either end up with cheap bras that look nice but make me look like I am hanging low or I seem to pick half cup bras that I end up popping out of! I won't even mention the time I was basically being stabbed by the underwire one time which was coming out of the bra I was wearing. OUCH! Let's face it, knicker shopping is fun but bra shopping is something I loathe and try to avoid as much as possible.

...But I'm Feelin' 22!

Yesterday marked my 22nd birthday. I think on a whole birthdays are very overrated. Bah! I am such a humbug about birthdays! I don't feel any different being twenty two than when I was twenty one? Am I meant to? It was a quiet one spent with family. Most people presume and expect I was meant to go out to a club and get wasted but that's just not me. We went to a grill/steak restaurant in Essex where I ordered the nicest steak and cheese burger I may have ever had; accompanied by a pot of guacamole and disaronno's and coke - my absolute favourite! 

I was megaaaa happy to see I got another bottle of 1D's first perfume; Our Moment. I remember when they first brought it out and everyone refused to buy me it for last Christmas so I ended up buying it for myself! I was always complimented on it too; it's lush. My mum accidentally bought me 'That Moment' for Christmas thinking it was the original 'Our Moment' so she bought me the original for my birthday. I just bloody love those five boys!

Happy Sunday guys! Hope you have all had the best first weekend of 2015!

What I Did In 2014

Hi everyone,

I have seen everyone doing these kinds of posts and they are really interesting to put together for yourself because you sometimes forget little things that happen throughout the year but that is the wonderful thing about having a blog; everything is documented.

Let's go waaaay back to the beginning of the year...