21 Things You Should Know Before We Date


Hello ladies, and boys ;)

I thought I would put together a little check list of things you should know before you date me. You are either a wonderful female blog reader who can understand exactly where I am coming from and are all for supporting women and the general shit we have to read and experience from guys... or you are actually a guy who I am maybe about to date or maybe someone who's just generally interested.

Let's go!

01) I am fine without you.
I'm a career focused and motivated woman who has everything she could ever need in life. I have a degree, a successful blog and I am technically self employed at just 22 years old. Everything I have I have created. Everything I own I have bought myself. Don't get me wrong, us girls would all love a tall, strapping man to look after us but really we are doing fine without you.

02) I am uptight towards men.
I have generally dated a lot of men who are bad for me, bad for my soul and are just generally bad people. I have let my guard down numerous times and regretted it straight away. So now I have this overall opinion towards the opposite sex. If you don't prove you're different; I'll believe you're the same.

03) One Direction are my only morning playlist*.
Call me twelve I don't care but we all have our musical preferences.
* Usually in underwear

04) I have a love for dogs.
Whether we are on our first date or forth date, if we walk past a dog or cat then expect to stand around for five minutes whilst I have a cuddle.

05) I will judge your shoes*.
Many women do it but don't tend to admit it. I think shoes are an extremely important addition to an outfit. They can completely make or break an outfit.
* Brownie points for desert boots, brogues, vans, good trainers or chelsea boots.

06) I don't really drink.
If you ask me out for a drink then I will most likely say no unless it's some trendy bar overlooking the sights of London or New York (a girl can have a dream date ok). I generally don't really drink so find drink dates can be quite boring meaning your company would have to be up to top scratch in order for me to even bother to get ready for it. I prefer well thought out date plans.

07) I will probably write about you.
This is of course futuristically speaking, but my blog is about my life so if we have a trip to a burger restaurant I'm probably going to mention WE went together.

08) McNuggets make me happy*.
If I'm sick, sad or angry, you can win me over or make me smile and feel better by delivering some McNuggets to me. Thanks in advance.
* Extra brownie point for added BBQ sauce.

09) I'm a night person.
I start working in the evening and will carry on and finish around 2/3am. I don't know why but I am just more inspired, motivated and in work mode during the evenings. Therefore it's doubtful you'll ever get a good morning text from me, ever.

10) I meet a lot of men.
This sounds bad but hold on before you exit this and think YUCK. Slooooow down. I'm a menswear fashion photographer so I am always meeting handsome male models to work with. Just remember they are all friend zoned way before I even meet them.

11) You will never come to my house.
...Unless I am certain about you. Meeting my family means a lot to me and it's a big thing. I want to be certain you're the right person who's going to treat me right before an informal invite via Whatsapp is sent to chill at my house, so hold back on the hints.

12) Treating me doesn't win.
It appears that guys (I date) think if they treat me to a meal and even let me have an ice cream dessert, that this means it's a golden ticket into bed with me. It only dawned on me that this is how men's brains work a few months ago.

13) I will always be little spoon.
I don't want to feel lost in the bed struggling to cuddle a 6 foot man. Therefore I'm little spoon, always will be and you have no valid argument here.

14) I am easily pleased.
I think some guys are big on impressing which is not a bad thing at all but I dread to think of the types of girls that some guys have dated before. The type of girls that like having money thrown at them and gifts bought for them 24/7. I'm the most un-materialistic girl in this sense when it comes to dating. I hate a guy paying for me, I prefer to buy gifts than receive them and I generally prefer to pay my own way and buy my own things.

15) Trust is a big issue.
I have been hurt a lot in ways I don't wish to disclaim on my blog but I am very vigilant of men. Put it that way. Don't take it to heart!

16) I have meat on my body.
What you see is what you get. I love food and I'm struggling with motivation to keep up with the gym lately. I have boobs, I have a butt and I have curves. For so long I had to deal with emotional abuse from a past relationship in which I wasn't allowed to eat certain foods in fear he would 'have a fat girlfriend'. It sounds silly but it did mess with my head a lot but now I am at that point where I really don't care! Have me or leave me.

17) I don't do phone calls.
I have no idea why. I constantly have to answer the phone to the public and employees at my job but I just generally hate phone calls with anyone else. Facetiming and skyping is out of the question. Just text me haha!

18) My blog is extremely important to me.
Again, I have been involved with guys who seem to have a problem that blogging is a huge part of my life. You won't understand unless you're a blogger but it's incredibly vital that I post regularly. Soooo what I am trying to say is...if we are out and about and I've forgotten to publish a post, I'll need to steal some wifi from a Starbucks for ten minutes.

19) I photograph everything.
You aren't allowed to tuck into the dinner we are having until I instagram it, if we wake up next to each other (futuristically speaking) i'll probably take a cute selfie of us. Oh, and i'll probably require you to take some photos for outfit posts of mine every now and then :)

20) I'm big on lipstick.
..but this doesn't mean I don't want you to kiss me!

21) We've reached date 3...
So this means for me, I am only interested in you and will cut strings with anyone else (if there is 'anyone' else). I expect the same back out of mutual respect. No this doesn't mean we need to go Facebook official (ha) but I don't want to be dating a guy who is dating other women. I have been known to walk away from people if I don't get what I want but I have a lot of self respect for myself. If you don't want me then I'll say goodbye and wait for someone who does.

There we have it! 21 things you should know before dating me.


  1. I love this post! It sounds like you're very sure about yourself, which is a fantastic thing! I love the idea of an admirer reading all these and taking notes on how to woo you! haha!

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer // Bloglovin'

    1. Haha I just have a good head on my shoulders I think! I don't like to wait around for people. Awh can you imagine someone actually was? That'd be dead cute!

  2. Loved this!! I'm heading out on the single path after six years so I needed a pep talk!!! :) x

    1. Ah sorry to hear that Katie. I hope you're okay and i am glad this helped a little! X

  3. And I thought I was the only one who judges men based on their shoes!
    And I'm not a phone person either, texting is ma thang.

    Love your posts, they always make me happy ha :D

  4. I love this so so much! I can totally relate to you with numbers 4, 6, 18, 19, and 20! x x x


  5. I love how honest this post is! Never be afraid to have expectations in your relationships, you deserve the best!

  6. Loved reading this Ashleigh. Very honest answers. That's what I like about you, you're honest. And lovely. And you're a fan of One Direction! Haha great post!


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