LC:M Barbour Show


Firstly! Design change! You may notice my blog has had a little lick of paint and I am so excited about it. I always like to switch things up design wise on my blog and have actually worked on my website too to make it all a little more interesting. I'm also adding that little READ MORE button because I do like to share a lot of photos which can often drown my blog with a never ending scroll so hopefully this will make it easier for you to pick and choose what you wish to read.

The second show I attended and photographed for HOP magazine was Barbour's show. I was extremely excited to attend this show as I know the brand well so I felt extremely lucky to have an invitation to pop along. 

The venue was at Swiss Church which was a little bit of a random venue but it worked so well as the AW15 collection is huge and there were a lot more models on show. 

The collection itself was very British but also had an "outdoor" theme. A lot of jackets were on show in green and muddy shades with a lot of corduroy and tailoring. I expect corduroy is going to be huge for AW15 menswear as I have seen a lot of it so far! 

I also saw the camo print will be making a re-appearance next season as there was two almost water/rain proof jackets being shown in two outdoor type prints.

It was a dream to shoot for Barbour and Private White VC on behalf of Hop Magazine and I can't wait for LFW and next season's LC:M!

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