LC:M - Private White VC Show


I'm lucky and excited to say I am off to a great start to the year by getting an attribution from a magazine to shoot at London Collection Mens AW15. Menswear will always be favoured over womenswear. There's just something about masculinity, tailor wear and cheek bones that I can't get enough of. Ok, I'm digressing...

Day one will be split into two posts over today and tomorrow as I covered two presentations and there's simply too many images to cover in one post. Photographer/blogger/perfectionist problems.

The first presentation show I covered was Private White VC; a British menswear brand. Upon arrival, the owner had a Bulldog called Brutus that was walking around and he was the cutest thing ever and extremely distracting for a dog lover like me. Then the models standing on plinths were drop dead gorgeous and again that was extremely distracting. Oh life as a menswear photographer!

There was a lot of smart outer tailor wear on show for AW15 with a very Autumnal colour palette of burnt oranges, khaki greens and browns. I did also notice a lot of fur and sheep skin trimmed collars on some of the jackets which was such a nice finishing touch!


  1. Seen so many pictures on instagram of LCM you are so lucky you got to go! I don't know whether I'm jealous because of the experience or the male models...

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    1. Awh you should try and go next season. It's a great experience. I much prefer it to LFW ! x


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