Beautiful Balconette Bra



Just before Christmas, I received a beautiful bra from House of Fraser. I chose the Charnos Sienna bra which is a balconette fit; my personal fav! I have quite a large chest so I often find it very difficult in finding bras that not only fit, but ones that are actually comfortable. I either end up with cheap bras that look nice but make me look like I am hanging low or I seem to pick half cup bras that I end up popping out of! I won't even mention the time I was basically being stabbed by the underwire one time which was coming out of the bra I was wearing. OUCH! Let's face it, knicker shopping is fun but bra shopping is something I loathe and try to avoid as much as possible.

The Charnos Sienna Bra is a full cup fit with an underwire which is great for support for larger boobs and also keeps you up. I could never a bra with no underwire!

I did find this bra came up small however after having a recent boob measurement (what is it called?), I actually found out I was a cup size bigger than I even realised. If I grow any more I might just sit in the corner and cry for the rest of my life.

You'll be lucky to hear read that this bra is now half price but has limited sizes available should you wish to snap one up! There are also some matching knickers if you want to go all out and buy the full set. Go girl!

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