lovely little day

 Outfit today: blazer h&m, shirt h&m, jumper republic, skirt h&m, brogues urban outfitters, bag ebay
Coat from primark £25
Popped into town today with my Mum, Sister & Nan. Had a mooch about the shops and came across this coat. I've wanted it for ages since watching Zoe's haul onYouTube. She looked so cute! I also saw a customer at work wearing it the other day and have been meaning to pick it up ever since. As soon as I saw a rack of them, I literally ran over and they had my size :]
From the fur trimmed hood to the little pom pom thingys (what are they called?!) to the actual heart motif design..... the whole coat just shouts out CUTE. My Nanny ended up buying it for me as part of my Christmas presents, except I'm allowed it early :P

I also picked up another coat which is army green coloured with fur trims around the sleeves & hood which went down to £10 in Primark. Had to get it didn't I?! But again, it's a Christmas present from my Mum but I'm not allowed it until Christmas, boo!

I have finally started gift shopping for Christmas, yippee! I find it all so exciting, don't you?
I have bought a few things for my Mum and found a random book about West Ham today for my Dad (super cheap too haha). I have such a huge family, which is why my Mum always has to start in September!

I took my Sister to see 'The Lion King' in 3D after our shopping trip. I went to the one I work at as it was in the same town and we ended up getting the bus back. Oh and Two Shoes from x-factor were down there today! Not that they're famous or anything........ Moving on ... It's such a great film. I've always said The Lion King & Matilda are my favourite childhood films (so much so that I wore BOTH of the tapes out when I was little!). The 3D'ness was okay, but I still prefer the good old normalness. Did I cry again? Yes!


Sarenza UK shortlister!

Sorry for the exaggerated 'i's, but I just received the most exciting news I think I've received all year (besides winning a signed poster by Gerard Butler, mm)

You may remember a few weeks ago, I wrote a blog entry for Sarenza's bloggers competition. Well, I have been shortlisted according to their blog post which has just gone live! I'm one step closer to winning............. *drum roll plz* .......... £800 worth of shoes.... YES! £800 WORTH.

Click here to read my entry - I put so much thought into it! It means so much to be picked in the top 15 entries, aaaaaaaaah!

Now it's down to you guys, my readers to vote for me. I'm sure you have Twitter and if you  haven't then go sign up now, hahah. All you have to do is tweet this:

'My vote for the @SarenzaUK comp is goes to @ashllyd #SarenzaUKstyle'

and that will count as a vote! Also, Sarenza has said that "If the review that you’ve voted for wins the competition, you’ll automatically be entered into a prize draw and have the chance of winning £800 worth of shoes!"


Thank you so much if you do, I love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

day out in london

 I have been home for about an hour. I am now in my amazing 'onesie' and shall remove my makeup after I have finished typing up this post! I've been looking forward to getting home and blogging so much today but forgetting where I have put my camera usb lead has put a downer on everything. 

Today me, my Mum & Sister adventured into London to meet up with my Nan, Aunt & two cousins. After meeting up at Liverpool Street station and finding out the price for a sandwich was absolutely ridiculous, we took a stroll to the central line, then several more trains until we reached Lamberth North station. Can you Londoners guess where we went?

Arriving at the Imperial War Musuem, I had no idea what to expect. The first thing I saw was a little wall from the remains of the 'Great Berlin Wall'. Isn't that just amazing? I have taken photos of it, but as I say... my camera usb lead has decided to grow legs over night and walk off!

The whole day was superb. I was a little disappointed in the 'blitz experience'. We queued for about 40 minutes in some long arse queue. I ended up sitting on the floor and taking off my jumper as it was so hot and slightly claustrophobic! The 'blitz experience' is basically a ten minute 'interactive' thing where you're taken back into the 40's and given a blitz experience; how ironic is the title (?!) It was pants. I will definitely be doing a post tomorrow when I look properly for my camera lead about the whole day, as I have so much to write about! Especially the 'holocaust' section. Oh my. It was so amazing, but very gruesome and sometimes just a little too much to look at and read about. Put it this way, I am so proud of my Grandad and of all the other men who fought for this country. God bless you all.

Here's a few photos I snapped up on my iPhone - nothing special, but they're memories which make me happy. I'm very close with my cousins and any days out with them are the bestest.. and I'm aware that's not even a word, but who cares?!

makeup this morning, looking like a vampire // our route to the imperial war museum, cost so much ££! // my cousin, Ellie-Mae copying me haha // me with my baby hubzzz Gerard Butler, exciting news below by the way! // jelly bean tasting at my nan's after, so yummy & funny! // another one of me & Ellie-Mae, love her. // me currently in my onesie from last year, you may recognise it from good old Primark! // competition between my cousins to see who had the biggest mouth! // fruit pastilles on the way home (: // my dinner, a very scrumptious big tasty meal from Mcdonalds at Liverpool Street - actually looks appealing! // my mumma & sister on the way home (:

Watch out for my post about the actual day at the museum soon!
Good news: I won another competition! - a signed poster by Gerard Butler from his new film, yay!

duvet days

~iphone photo lolzzzzzz~
Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend. I was hoping to blog  about a few products I've been meaning to review over the past week or so, but I've been working so much, it's literally been impossible. Waking up and leaving for work while it's still dark is one of the hardest things ever. I've been working from 7.30am till around 4pm but yesterday didn't leave till 4.30pm and then went to watch 'Don't be afraid of the dark'. Would you guys like a movie review? I tend to write mini reviews about the films I see (I get free movies) but have no idea if anyone reads them! Today I was meant to be doing an 8-5 shift at work but had a mixture of a headache, exhaustion and a sicky feeling in my stomach at six this morning.
Today has literally resulted to staying in bed all day and then evolving from my bedroom down to the kitchen to make myself a chicken & sweetcorn bagel with a banana Yazoo milkshake, and then retire back to my bedroom.
My Sister & I adventured out to the park to walk the dog as she's a little depressed lately (swear she's a teenager sometimes, I'm talking about the dog by the way, haha). I wore this jumper which is "vintage". I got it from eBay this time last year and have no idea if it's actually vintage, but I love it. It does get really warm though so I had to put it away for the Summer and now it's back out, alongside some other jumpers I've really missed this year. So yay for some wintery outfit posts soon!

I'm off to London tomorrow with my mum, sister, aunt, nan & two cousins, so I'll definitely be taking lots of pictures and blogging about it tomorrow! I think I might shoot some film too. I haven't done any work in film for so long which isn't good :/
Thank you to everyone who's purchased things from my blog sale that went up on Thursday! I sold six things in 10 minutes, wow!

I'll be posting everyone's goodies later this week. Haven't been able to because of work and exhaustion and life problems!

Miserable At Best

I woke up in a 'mer' mood today - I'm low on funds too so couldn't get to college. I'm finding it difficult to juggle three days at work & three days at college. Everything's just a bit poop at the moment. I guess everyone goes through these days though, right? Not looking forward to my so called "half term" next week either. Wanna guess why? Yes, work.  I hate u.

Here's my not so happy mood! 
I managed to cheer myself up though by getting dressed & taking some photos in the garden. What a lovely, crisp Autumn day!- Was hard to get a right shot though. I don't have a tripod (bad photography student I know) but I'm hoping to get one soon. ~Balancing your camera on the window-sill is da next best thing!~.  It kept manually focusing due to having the lens a little restricted, hence why some parts that should be in focus are not. 

The top is actually a dress and now it's too short so I wore it as  top with this skirt. 'Wine' is my favourite colour and it's everywhere this A/W. 

My life is so boring. I think I may just stick Harry Potter on and eat the entire fridge.


Front Cover Cosmetic 'Air Kiss' set review

I was invited to the Front Cover's Blog Launch a few weeks ago but was unable to attend. I really don't have the confidence to sit in a room full of people I don't know anyway, which sucks as it would be really cool to get to know some new people... ~billy no mates here~.

Front Cover Cosmetics is a new brand of cosmetics being stocked in Boots. They produce "sets" of items for different looks. I think their pricing is pricey, around £20 on average for a set but for the amount of stuff you get inside, I do think it's worth it! I chose to feature the 'Airkiss' set as I'm a lipstick junkie (as you probably already know) and was really excited to try out a new brand!
The Airkiss set features 20 different lipsticks with different finishes and a wide range of different shades.  It also comes with a retractable lip brush which is not something I would tend to use but I guess it's always handy to have one! Finally it comes with a lip pencil in a medium-nude shade.  The lipsticks themselves are quite small, about half the length & width of your average lipstick size. I think they're generous sizes though as there's some shades in there I wouldn't see myself wearing, so it would be pretty pointless having a full size product! I love the little set of instructions and 'tips' on the left side of the box. I read them when I opened it and thought they were great for a beginner who's just starting out wearing lipstick. I tend to mix lipsticks together anyway so their tips were irrelevant but my Mum learnt some tips!

I can't remember what shades I swatched but they're all from the two bottom rows. I will never use the nude shades so they were pretty pointless to swatch, plus they wouldn't come out right on the camera! 

I would really recommend this set (RRP £20) if you're a lipstick junkie like myself, but maybe more so if you wear nude shades aswell as bolder ones.

Disclaimer - This was sent to me for reviewing purposes. I was not paid to review it! The opinions I have stated are true to word.

Have you tried any of their sets yet? Did you go to the blog launch?
Hope everybody's having a fab Tuesday!

Start Of Something New

+ Old picture but needed something to add to this very short post!  I have been working so much over the past two weeks, hence why my posting has become rather slow! It's also the reason my posts go up quite late when I do manage to get some time to myself!

++ Working 4 days straight from Friday onwards. All early shifts. Two 7.30am starts in a row aswell! This is the only reason why I hate half terms; work becomes bedlam!  I only have college twice this week too. Friday's teacher training which means I can lounge around the house until work at 6! I'll probably just go in on Wednesday to show my face. I'm planning on meeting my friend Kayleigh on Thursday for a spot of lunch possibly and I'm going to try and shoot some photographs!

+++ Going to treat myself to a tripod soon so I can start doing outfit posts, yay!

++++ Changed the look of my blog & I much prefer it now!

My Week in Photos

001: Attempted 'Halloween nails'. Totally failed haha. These were supposed to be Nightmare Before Christmas inspired (Halloween, right?). I used Model's Own 'Snow White' polish & I don't recommend it at all. it lasts & doesn't chip, however it's so gloopy & messy!

002: Terry's Chocolate Oranges have been a huge part of this week! My Boyfriend's Mum bought......... not one.......... not two........ not even ten.......... guess............ no, not 35.................95 of them!!!!!! Reason being? - Tesco's messed up on their pricing and had two deals on at the same time! They came to 30p each, so she spent around £25 on Terry's Oranges ha-ha! The popping candy one is my favourite!

003: Received my winning Clippy bag in the post this week. I blogged about it the other day if you want to read more about it and see more pictures!

004: Got an exciting review coming up on Front Cover Cosmetics. I got the 'Airkiss' set as a freebie to review for you guys and it's all very exciting! I will probably do that post tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled :)

005: Switched over to the iPhone hype yesterday. I had a Blackberry curve before but bought it purely to get the 6 months free internet/BBM. Once that run out, it didn't appeal to me. 20p per text was too expensive aswell so I treated myself to a contract. Been meaning to get one for ages anyway, so when I saw Tesco's were doing an iPhone 3GS for £20 a month, 24 month contract, 250 mins, 5000 texts & 1GB of internet..I couldn't resist! I'm not too fussed that it's an older model. I don't need facetime and all that jazz! I'm looking around for a nice case though so if anybody has any recommendations, please link me up! The guy gave me a free one worth £20 purely because I said I would get him a free ticket for the cinema, haha! - (I work in a cinema).

006: Cute webcam times last night, enjoy!