day out in london


 I have been home for about an hour. I am now in my amazing 'onesie' and shall remove my makeup after I have finished typing up this post! I've been looking forward to getting home and blogging so much today but forgetting where I have put my camera usb lead has put a downer on everything. 

Today me, my Mum & Sister adventured into London to meet up with my Nan, Aunt & two cousins. After meeting up at Liverpool Street station and finding out the price for a sandwich was absolutely ridiculous, we took a stroll to the central line, then several more trains until we reached Lamberth North station. Can you Londoners guess where we went?

Arriving at the Imperial War Musuem, I had no idea what to expect. The first thing I saw was a little wall from the remains of the 'Great Berlin Wall'. Isn't that just amazing? I have taken photos of it, but as I say... my camera usb lead has decided to grow legs over night and walk off!

The whole day was superb. I was a little disappointed in the 'blitz experience'. We queued for about 40 minutes in some long arse queue. I ended up sitting on the floor and taking off my jumper as it was so hot and slightly claustrophobic! The 'blitz experience' is basically a ten minute 'interactive' thing where you're taken back into the 40's and given a blitz experience; how ironic is the title (?!) It was pants. I will definitely be doing a post tomorrow when I look properly for my camera lead about the whole day, as I have so much to write about! Especially the 'holocaust' section. Oh my. It was so amazing, but very gruesome and sometimes just a little too much to look at and read about. Put it this way, I am so proud of my Grandad and of all the other men who fought for this country. God bless you all.

Here's a few photos I snapped up on my iPhone - nothing special, but they're memories which make me happy. I'm very close with my cousins and any days out with them are the bestest.. and I'm aware that's not even a word, but who cares?!

makeup this morning, looking like a vampire // our route to the imperial war museum, cost so much ££! // my cousin, Ellie-Mae copying me haha // me with my baby hubzzz Gerard Butler, exciting news below by the way! // jelly bean tasting at my nan's after, so yummy & funny! // another one of me & Ellie-Mae, love her. // me currently in my onesie from last year, you may recognise it from good old Primark! // competition between my cousins to see who had the biggest mouth! // fruit pastilles on the way home (: // my dinner, a very scrumptious big tasty meal from Mcdonalds at Liverpool Street - actually looks appealing! // my mumma & sister on the way home (:

Watch out for my post about the actual day at the museum soon!
Good news: I won another competition! - a signed poster by Gerard Butler from his new film, yay!


  1. Is that a picture of you and your sis or your cousin? It is such a cute photo, Ashleigh! She is adorable! I feel so far away from the bright lights, big city! I mss out on all the London goodness. Thank you for the comments as it always lovely to hear from you! Keep blogging and doing what you're doing - you're doing a great job! :) xxxx

  2. Anonymous2/11/11

    Love your jumper and blouse combination! Plus, everyone loves a good onesie xx

  3. Thank you :) aw they're so comfy aren't they! I want more haha! A x

  4. Sarah, thank you for your comment! The girl pictured with me is my cousin ehe. x


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