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Sorry for the lack of posts over the weekend. I was hoping to blog  about a few products I've been meaning to review over the past week or so, but I've been working so much, it's literally been impossible. Waking up and leaving for work while it's still dark is one of the hardest things ever. I've been working from 7.30am till around 4pm but yesterday didn't leave till 4.30pm and then went to watch 'Don't be afraid of the dark'. Would you guys like a movie review? I tend to write mini reviews about the films I see (I get free movies) but have no idea if anyone reads them! Today I was meant to be doing an 8-5 shift at work but had a mixture of a headache, exhaustion and a sicky feeling in my stomach at six this morning.
Today has literally resulted to staying in bed all day and then evolving from my bedroom down to the kitchen to make myself a chicken & sweetcorn bagel with a banana Yazoo milkshake, and then retire back to my bedroom.
My Sister & I adventured out to the park to walk the dog as she's a little depressed lately (swear she's a teenager sometimes, I'm talking about the dog by the way, haha). I wore this jumper which is "vintage". I got it from eBay this time last year and have no idea if it's actually vintage, but I love it. It does get really warm though so I had to put it away for the Summer and now it's back out, alongside some other jumpers I've really missed this year. So yay for some wintery outfit posts soon!

I'm off to London tomorrow with my mum, sister, aunt, nan & two cousins, so I'll definitely be taking lots of pictures and blogging about it tomorrow! I think I might shoot some film too. I haven't done any work in film for so long which isn't good :/
Thank you to everyone who's purchased things from my blog sale that went up on Thursday! I sold six things in 10 minutes, wow!

I'll be posting everyone's goodies later this week. Haven't been able to because of work and exhaustion and life problems!


  1. Love your new layout sweet, the headers in the sidebar are perfect! (: Film reviews would be great, I never take much notice of trailers atm! Have a lovely time in London tomoz! xx

  2. love that jumper!!


  3. The new layout looks lovely! x


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