marshmallow vodka

(All flavours are IN STOCK, but sell out quickly!)

This is a really random post but I instagram'd a photo of this drinks duo and a few people were intrigued and I've never seen a post on marshmallow vodka before! I've wanted to write about this bottle of amazing-ness for ages, but I had to wait until Christmas was over, as I actually bought a couple of bottles for friends. I was introduced to Firebox via Christmas gift ideas posts by bloggers over the Christmas period which I really recommend for fab customer service!

I had no idea what this would taste like. I'm not even a great lover of marshmallows but cutting a long story short, I had a problem with my order (which Firebox sorted!) so I ended up with a spare bottle, yay! - There's five flavours to choose from including: apple pie, cherry cola, chocolate chip, tropical and marshmallow. I bought one friend the marshmallow flavour and another the apple pie flavour. 

The marshmallow flavour is VERY sweet and is far too strong to drink by itself... for me anyway. Me and Andrew had a night in last week and we mixed a shot's worth with a glass of cloudy lemonade which was delicious! I could easily drink too much without realising!

Love, Ashleigh XO
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guest post: Valentine's Day!

Love it or loathe it; it's fast approaching! Even though I was in a long term relationship before my current relationship, I've never really done anything for Valentines day. In all honesty, I think it's such a cheesy and over-rated day. Why should you devote just one out of 365 days to tell someone you love them? It's pretty pointless! ... However, I'm going to stop being such a Valentine's humbug about it and actually do something with Andrew this year :)

So, what can we do?

I wish I could be overly happy about the day and throw a Valentine's Day costume party. I was looking at the fancy dress outfits from and they all look so fun! However, I (unfortunately) don't live the life of Carrie Bradshaw (SATC), so I have been thinking of other things to do!

1) Go for a meal
Quite the obvious thing to do, right? If you have been reading my blog/follow my Instagram for as long as I've been mentioning my boyfriend, you will know we simply love food. It doesn't help that Andrew loves cooking so whenever I go to his house, I get a meal cooked for me. We do like exploring restaurants however so it will probably be this option! Anything Italian wins my heart!

2) Cook together
This is something we do quite a lot anyway, but I think it would be lovely to spend a night indoors, cooking together with a bit of Phil Collins playing in the background. I'm only kidding. I told you; V-day is so cheesy! However, maybe cooking a three course meal together, setting a candle-lit table with a bottle of wine and two glasses isn't such a bad idea. After all, it would only be followed by my three favourite things in the world; chocolate, cuddles and films! (Maybe not a Ryan Gosling marathon though) ;)

Have you got a Valentine this year?
XO love, Ashleigh x

the sunday post: week four

Boyfriend cooked (creamy chicken pasta with asparagus), Morning after the night before, Cinema trip, Ombré preparations (again!)

All I've done this week is hang out with my boyfriend, watch movies, design some blogs, went for drinks with my best friend and went to work. Pretty much all I do these days!

P.S: Life of Pi is amazing. Such a beautiful film. It has a really slow start so I was a little unsure to begin with, but it sure is emotional! My Dad has made home-made bread pudding, so I'm off to have a cheeky slice! Or two!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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guest post: introducing

I know it's only nearing the end of January, but if you're anything like me, I can't wait for winter to be over and done with! I go on a family holiday every year, so what's the best thing to do to get you in the summer mood? Shop online for bikinis!

I was pleasantly surprised to find a huge range of bikinis available online at They cater for all shapes and sizes; offering sizes AA to GG+. Hallelujah! Not only this but they have something for everyone including: padded, non-padded, underwired, non-wired, strapless and halternecks. From plain coloured, polka dots, floral to crazy prints! I know where I'll be shopping for my bikinis this year. I hate how it's rare to find bikinis that aren't padded (not all of us need extra padding, ahem!) and even if I do, they're poorly made so I have to be careful of any embarrassing accidents! Big thumbs up from me!

one (top), one (bottoms) // two (top) two (bottoms) // three
Are you going on a summer vacation this year?

Disclaimer: This is a guest post, however the content is 100% my own.

XO love, Ashleigh x

hole in my heart

t-shirt: orange circle co*
chunky gold chain: river island
leggings: unknown
I'm off round my boyfriend's now, hence the chilled out can't be bothered looking nice today outfit. None of these photos turned out how I wanted them to look, but I got cold, annoyed and gave up after not even ten minutes of trying. Impatient Ashleigh!

How lovely are my new converses? XLS medical kindly gifted them to me and I can see myself wearing them a lot! I love the t-shirt aswell and can't wait to wear it tucked into skirts.

I'm going to dye my hair soon 'cos I'm bored of it and my roots are coming through. My hair is actually meant to be brown but because I was red for almost a year, the red keeps coming back! I really don't want to strip it and get straw-like hair but I may just have to! Any tips? Leave them below :-)

XO love, Ashleigh x
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the sunday (not quite) post: week three

How is it only Tuesday? I've reached that point where I can't wait for January to finish and for Spring to arrive. I absolutely hate the snow. It's only entertaining for about ten minutes! I've been quite unwell lately and seem to have stayed in bed drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate to make myself feel better. I've also been on a diet for a whole week and three days now and it's going well! - I've been having Alpen's maple syrup and peacan porridge for breakfast with fruit, salad or a bagel for lunch and then a low fat under 350 calories Sainsbury's ready meals for dinner. Yummm. What have you been up to this week?

XO love, Ashleigh x
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harry potter studio tour: part three

020: The Knight Bus
Parked outside opposite Privet Drive was the famous Knight Bus which transports any witch or wizard to a location of their choice. Most famously seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Knight Bus is one of the most exciting ways a wizard can travel (other than a broom of course!). "Take it away, Ern!"...

The bus is three buses high so yes, it was SO tall! Unfortunately, there was restrictions not letting people have a nosy upstairs however, I managed to focus my lense through the gate in order to photograph the beds.

021: The Enchanted Anglia Car
It was an absolute pleasure to see, touch and even SIT in the famous little blue anglia which saw Harry and Ron in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, driving themselves over Kingscross Station, over London and then above the chugging Hogwarts Express which is when all Harry Potter fans gasped with horror at the possibility that Harry was going to fall out. Even though for someone who's read all the books four times, knew this was never going to happen.

022: Hagrid's Bike
This was the only thing Andrew seemed desperate to sit on. Oh boys will be boys!

023: Goblins
We then headed into a large room which was simply wonderful. All around us were goblin heads, paint pots and thousands of paintbrushes. There was also little inspiration images dotted around everywhere; demonstrating drafts of what the goblins were originally going to look like, before settling on a final image. 

024: Mystical Creatures

025: Characters
There was quite a few of the Harry Potter characters lifesize models displayed behind glass cabinets; however I appear to only have photographed my favourites.

026: Diagon Alley

I was most excited to walk down the famous Diagon Alley which is just after the mystical creatures section. It was so weird walking from one end of Diagon Alley to the other. It all looked so real! In the corner was Gringotts Bank which was smaller than it looks. Oh magic cameras! The floor was even real stone; just like the old cobbled street we see in the films. 

027: Architectural Thinking
I was pleasantly surprised to see we was able to get an insight into the architectural thinking behind the designs of locations, sets and scenery. 

There was also some artwork on display which featured the artists who created visual representations of either characters or scenes. I took photographs of my favourites which included Dobby (by Rob Bliss) and the scene where Aunt Marge blows up (HAHA). 

028: Hogwarts

029: Building Sets
Another favourite part of mine, was seeing how the little buildings such as The Three Broomsticks and Diagon Alley itself were cleverly crafted together in little mini versions. I will never been an architect (my brother in law will hate me for saying that as he is one!) but I do appreciate the artistic thinking behind the scenes.

030: Filming Hogwarts
Sadly (and I express my sadness 100% here), Hogwarts doesn't exist. You would think they filmed in a gigantic castle somewhere but no. It's all just a set, filmed and made out to look like a real castle when in reality, it's just a large scale model!

031: The Wand Room
The last part of the tour (SOB!) saw us in the wand room. Thousands of boxes were stacked on the walls in little boxed shelves which was breath taking to see. A man was a host to the room and told us that each box had a name written on it. Each box was dedicated to every single person ever known to be involved in the making of Harry Potter. To the actors, to the makeup artists, to the camera crew to the special effects technicians. How lovely! I spent a good 15 minutes looking for names I knew.

And that's it! All in all, I had the most wonderful day ever. I'm so glad I finally got round to going! The price for tickets has recently changed to £29 for adults. Although this is considered quite pricey, if you're a HP fan, it's DEFINITELY worth splurging on a ticket and getting down there to see everything for yourself! 


Have you been to the HP studio tour yet? Would you like to go? 

XO love, Ashleigh x
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