marshmallow vodka


(All flavours are IN STOCK, but sell out quickly!)

This is a really random post but I instagram'd a photo of this drinks duo and a few people were intrigued and I've never seen a post on marshmallow vodka before! I've wanted to write about this bottle of amazing-ness for ages, but I had to wait until Christmas was over, as I actually bought a couple of bottles for friends. I was introduced to Firebox via Christmas gift ideas posts by bloggers over the Christmas period which I really recommend for fab customer service!

I had no idea what this would taste like. I'm not even a great lover of marshmallows but cutting a long story short, I had a problem with my order (which Firebox sorted!) so I ended up with a spare bottle, yay! - There's five flavours to choose from including: apple pie, cherry cola, chocolate chip, tropical and marshmallow. I bought one friend the marshmallow flavour and another the apple pie flavour. 

The marshmallow flavour is VERY sweet and is far too strong to drink by itself... for me anyway. Me and Andrew had a night in last week and we mixed a shot's worth with a glass of cloudy lemonade which was delicious! I could easily drink too much without realising!

Love, Ashleigh XO
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  1. That sounds so good! Glad you posted this as I love flavoured vodka but not enough of them are candy flavoured xoxo

  2. awh, what a cute idea!x

  3. That sounds amazing! All the flavours sound tasty to me! Can't wait to buy some!

    Adele-Marie xx

    Adele | One Girls Obsession With Makeup

  4. Oh my that sounds so good! I really like the sound of the apple pie one mm mmm mmm!


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