Paris Travels: Part Four

This is the last part to my Paris series, finally!

My Uni is at two campuses (it's hard to explain) so we met up with the other campus who we hadn't met before and went for a meal at a French restaurant. I was expecting a menu of frog legs and snails but it wasn't as traditional as that. All meals offered duck as the speciality. I went for duck breast (I don't eat meat off the bone) with sauteed potatoes and a side salad.

The left side is my Uni class and the right side minus two of them is the other Uni. We were forced to have a group photo but I quite like it. It will remind me of Uni in years to come.

We didn't have to catch the train home until the afternoon so we woke up early and tried to cram in as much as we could. Sadly, we never had time to visit the Notre Dame but we did manage to visit the Love Locks Bridge which was so cute. I sadly don't love anyone special in my life at the moment but it was cute seeing thousands and thousands of padlocks which resembled people's love for one another.

I only got a glimpse of the Notre Dame behind the bridge - such a beautiful building!

We had another little group shot taken which are the people I hung around with (mostly) whilst in Paris. Below is me and my friend Ricardo.. looking rather chilly!

I hope you have enjoyed my Paris series. It's a beautiful city which I hope to visit again one day. Next on my list is Amsterdam. Don't think I've said anything on here yet but I am off to New York City in May 2014. SUPER EXCITED!

Ashleigh XO

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Paris Travels: People watching at Paris Photo

"People watching" is something I do all the time. Paris is full of a diverse range of people so here are some I photographed whilst at the Paris Photo event. It's a picture heavy post but I have too many I wanted to include! Enjoy!


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Paris Travels: Part Three

On the Friday we all travelled to Paris Photo which is a famous Photography event showcasing lots of different photographers' work. It was a long, tiring day but quite possibly my favourite. I bumped into Martin Parr and managed to get a snap of him. I also met Tokyo based photographer Benjamin Lee and had a little chat with him. So surreal!

Here is Martin Parr! (Below)
.. & Benjamin Lee (Below that!)

This little boy was fascinated with his dad's camera so after seeking permission I quickly snapped up the cutest moment.

The event was round the corner from a French Christmas Market. I love Markets especially at Christmas time so we all had a little wander. It was huge! Similar to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland but a lot more relaxed and hassle free. I bought some marzipan smelling soaps for my Nan :-)

We grabbed some lunch and bumped into a group of crazy girls! They really did brighten a cold, crisp day.

Ashleigh x

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