Paris Travels: Part Two


Me and a few girls took the metro and a walk on a crisp day to the Eiffel Tower. We had no time to go up it which saddened me as it's something I really wanted to do whilst there.. never mind! It was super strange seeing such a famous landmark right infront of you and I really under-estimated the size of it! 

We got some lunch at a lovely little place just across the road from the Eiffel Tower. We went for cheesy hotdogs which was probably the best tasting thing I had whilst I was in France.

We then took an evening trip to The Louvre. Never got round to seeing the famous Mona Lisa but the museum looked so pretty lit up. 

Our hostel was a five minute walk away from the red light district which none of us knew about until we found ourselves walking right into it. There was a scary moment that me and my friend was approached by a dodgy looking French man who wouldn't leave us alone.... and then got his phone out. Fishy?! We ended up legging it back to the hostel! Later, we found out the strip inbetween the sex shops  which is where we was approached, was the dodgiest area to be in as druggies hang around there. If only we had known before!

We finished an eventful evening with a huge fat ice-cream to share. It had just about every single flavour you could think of; from lemon cheesecake, cherry, chocolate cookie and banana (which I didn't like)!

Part three and four coming soon.

Ashleigh x

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  1. Paris must be so nice at this time of year! a few years ago, i went in the month of Feb and it foggy and raining the whole time :-( x

  2. Oh god that ice cream looks AMAZING.

  3. Oooh that ice cream looks fantastic. I love your photography, Ashleigh - what camera do you use and what settings etc?
    N xo

    1. Thanks Naomi! For these I used a Nikon D1500 and a mixture of the standard lens and a 50mm f1.8 lens :)


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