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My name is Ashleigh Lily Dougherty and I am the face, voice and fingers behind Being Ashleigh. Let's start with the basics. I am 25, a graduate in Photography at University of East London (2014) and ultimately a content creator/social media enthusiast/writer/geek. Whatever you wanna call it.

The age of 15 saw me finding myself creating a name for myself on the internet. I was soon inspired by the "real world" of blogging so I took my hobby seriously and started this blog when I was 18. All I had in life at the time was my beautiful first love and a college course; yet people seemed to be interested in my life.

Fast forward completing college, graduation and a few little jobs here and there; I am now 24 and into my sixth year of blogging. I can proudly say that blogging is now my freelance job on the side of working in an admin role.

My blog has grown into something quite bloody cool and I am rather proud of it. It's MY little corner of the internet which I have full control over. My audience (you!) have followed my journey over the past six years; including the highs and lows and I hope you can all see the changes in me as a person and as a blogger too!

My whole life is on this one little blog. All the boyfriends and breakups to follow, all the friends and random adventures, all the events and opportunities, all the thoughts and feelings, all the low times and all the celebrations. Everything. I really do hope you enjoy taking a look around. I do waffle on though so you might want to grab a cuppa' tea and a few biscuits first! buzzoole code

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  1. Your blog is fantastic! And I would love to become a full-time blogger one day. Nothing is better than doing something you love everyday and making a living from it.



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