Hi! You alright?

When I discovered pink gin, it became my new favourite drink and what I would always order when out having a meal. Shortly after, I found out I was pregnant with my first baby and I've not been able to touch the beloved pink gin since.

I do still love and inhale cheeseburgers on a weekly basis, tho.

My name is Ashleigh Dougherty and if you have stumbled onto this page, then you must be generally intrigued to read some more about me. To be honest, you will find more enjoyment out of reading the comments on the Daily Mail, but I will try my best to sound like a super funky person.

I have been putting my life on the internet since 2008, really. Everything is on here, so depending on how Sherlocky you are, depends on what you will find out about me.

The basics tho. I recently bought my a 2 bedroom house and live there with my boyfriend, my gorgeous and beautiful chocolate lab, Elsie and a never ending bump growing from my stomach. Our little one is due in June 2019 and I haven't got a clue what I am doing. I'll be guessing my way through motherhood and sharing the journey with you all.

Inbetween pregnancy nausea, giving birth and 3am feeds, you can find me nattering on Twitter and snapping bits and bobs on Instagram (usually cheeseburgers and cute doggy photos tbh).

From me to you, I hope you enjoy this blog or carry on enjoying the new additions and features if you're a long term reader. If you are, I love you.


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  1. Your blog is fantastic! And I would love to become a full-time blogger one day. Nothing is better than doing something you love everyday and making a living from it.



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