Outfits in 2013

New Year's eve, wow-ee! I feel like the couple of days between Boxing Day and New Years go super quick but slow at the same time?!

Last year, I put together all my outfits I had featured it on my blog. My style has changed a fair bit. Here is last year's post if you want to see my old outfits! I have a lot of clothes and my style is different every day. I have always loved Vans and Trainers with high waisted jeans but then I like to make a little more effort and look a little more put together sometimes which is why I wear a lot of darker colours. I'm into playing a lot with textures and patterns. I like layering as it's my favourite thing about the colder seasons.

I know I made it a goal of mine to do more outfit posts this year which has failed as I managed to do more last year but I have so many goals for my blog for 2014 so I really want to push it as much as I can! Tomorrow's post will be a 2014 goals motivational post. Nothing quite like starting the first day of the year off with resolutions and goals!

What are you all doing for New Years? I sadly have deadlines for Uni coming up so I shall be staying in with family and watching it all happen on my TV screen instead! I hope you all have a lovely New Year and here's to you and Being Ashleigh. See ya next year!

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- A XO

Christmas Moments

 Christmas Morning every year is spent lazying around in pyjamas opening presents and eating chocolate for breakfast. However, my dad surprised us all with bacon sandwiches! I got some lovely things from my parents this year: Marc Jacobs Honey Bee perfume, my all time favourite perfume D&G 'The One', some new onesies (yay!), the usual smellies and notebooks for my blog. We then, like every year, got dolled up to head to my nan's for Christmas dinner. It was all a bit different this year as my Nan moved a few months ago so Christmas dinner at Nan's was in a house in Essex rather than a ten story high flat in the heart of London!

After a gorgeous Christmas dinner cooked by my Nan, we settled down for some more presents. We then all sat round to hear some old family stories about my Nan growing up.

I prefer Boxing Day as it's the day where you can eat as much as you want without feeling too guilty about it. We went to my Aunt and Uncle's and had a cold buffet like every year and opened yet more presents. I got some lovely No7 skin care stuff (my absolute favourite!) and Ted Baker smellies. I think I have enough smellies to last me till next Christmas! Me, my sister and cousins then did some serious One Direction dancing.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. I have some lovely posts going up this week. It's also my 21st Birthday on Friday, eeeep!

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L.I.L.O XO BGS for KNEON Magazine!

 Last week, I styled my first commission for KNEON magazine. I'd be lying if I said it hadn't been a stressful and busy couple of weeks trying to organise everything but it has been such a great experience too! The shoot is titled 'L.I.L.O XO' because I was listening to 'Lilo by Lauren Aquilina' whilst we was coming up with name ideas! The magazine was published yesterday (21/12/2013) and seeing everything finalised really is the cherry on top of everything!

The team was strong and I believe we worked great together! I worked alongside one of my closest friends who was the photographer, a hair stylist and makeup artist. We all shared some ideas and the final concepts are so strong! You can view the online spread here pages 325-327. They will be on my blog soon too! :)

 What do you think? Excited to see the final concept? There's a sneak preview on my Instagram! @ashllyd

Photography: Kareem Abdul | Styling: Ashleigh Dougherty
Model: Lena Marie @ Profile Model Management
Makeup: Tamash Sharkan | Hair: Yoku Aoi


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Brand Introduction: K&Co Jeans

Left to Right: One | Two | Three | Four

I don't know about you but I find jeans shopping quite tedious. Changing rooms in shops are a big hate of mine. The lighting is never flattering and the mirrors make me look like a heffalump which is why I tend to buy a lot of my clothes online. 

K&Co are an online shopping catalogue who are in relation to Littlewoods and Very; meaning a lot of their stock is on trend yet still affordable. They offer everything for the family including childrenswear, menswear and even homeware. Amazing, right? Brands like this make shopping so easy and not a chore! They are a fantastic brand who cater for sizes that some fashion retailers seem to ignore. Sizes 6-32 are available plus special ranges for petite, tall and plus size; so all body shapes and sizes can look stylish!

I picked out my favourite jeans from their range above which I think are right up there when it comes to meeting quality, trends and expectations in big major high street shops. I am particularly liking the Voi Jeans at K&Co range and have my eye on a quilted jacket. I'm all about comfort lately!

I would definitely recommend them for easiness and just for their wide range of just about everything. Will you be ordering anything?
Ashleigh x

They currently have an offer guaranteeing Christmas Eve delivery if you order by 10pm on 23rd December.

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Blurred Lines

eBay Beanie | ASOS top | ASOS High Waisted Jeans | Vans

Meet my new jeans! My Topshop Joni jeans are dying on me. They've now one baggy (like every one else's) so I decided to trial out some from ASOS. So far so good so I now want every colour. I am not the skinniest of girls. I have quite short legs so it's difficult to find jeans that fit me properly. I might go for the petite version in other colours next time. I feel more comfortable in the ASOS ones. Whilst they are still tight, they are more comfortable to sit down in and are just generally easier to move around in. The side stitching is stupidly white either; something Joni jeans has!

Last week I styled my first commissioned shoot which I am very excited about. It goes into print at the end of this week so I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.. or three! It was a stressful job organising everything but something I have learnt a lot from so I am very excited to get involved with more styling jobs!

How's your Christmas shopping go? I can't believe it's just one week till Christmas now! Crazy! Luckily, I only have my Sister to buy for now so I can sit back and relax a bit more. Are you a last minute shopper?

Ashleigh x

P.S GFC has now officially been scrapped. Keep up to date with my blog by following via Bloglovin'!

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My life in photos currently

internship lunch, canoe inc press day, nandos lunch with my sister, me & my sister, ax party, jessie j gig, the o2, new coat, brb going paris, modelling for a friend, geeking it out in the library, lunch with a friend, assisting a fashion shoot, first day at my new job!, pretty bedroom, love and ice-cream, lazy makeup removal, wearing men's shirts, off to a party, weekend offender launch party, walking around london late, my best friend, crazy day doing styling, christmas tree oh christmas tree.

Just a little update into my life currently. I'm dipping my paws into styling at the moment which is so stressful but at the same time so good! I'm off to hopefully finish my Christmas shopping tonight. I've only got my sister to buy for now. Then I can celebrate by treating myself to a fabulous new dress :)

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- A XO

GIVEAWAY: Personalised Makeup Mirror from Bedcrumb - 5 winners

What with Christmas coming up, I thought it would be lovely to do a little giveaway. Up for grabs is a personalised mirror from a company called Bedcrumb. There are 5 mirrors up for grabs which means there will be five lucky winners!

Bedcrumb handmake wedding stationary, favours and all sorts of other personalised items. I am all for supporting small business especially when it's a creative brand so I am so excited to offer you guys the chance to win something!

If you know me, you will know I love a good red lip so this mirror has me down to a 'T! There are a few other designs to choose from and you can choose any name to be printed onto the back of the mirror. They make great little stocking fillers... and they are fantastic quality!

All you have to do to win is enter via the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Prizes are sponsored by Bedcrumb

Everybody Talks

 Pussycat London Shirt* | Primark Jumper | H&M skirt |
Clarks Shoes* | Topshop Coat | ASOS Watch*

This shirt from Pussycat London is quite possibly the prettiest shirt I own. It's actually from the sister company to Pussycat London; Brand Jasmine. They have some really pretty pieces which I'm sure every girl will love. I am particularly loving this dress - perfect for the festive season.  Upon receiving this beauty in the post, I realised I didn't actually own a white shirt so it's been worn a few times underneath jumpers, tucked into skirts and over skinny black jeans. It just goes with everything!

The jumper is something else I have been wearing a lot. Deep reds and purples are my favourite colours and about 40% of my wardrobe consists of it. I just can't get enough of crimson, maroon, burgundy and aubergine shades! 

My shoes were another gift kindly sent from Clarks. I was a little apprehensive at first as I haven't stepped foot into a Clarks since I was an awkward nine year old child looking for school shoes with my mum. Apparently I was very fussy with school shoes and it was a job to find a pair that fit me well and that I liked at the same time! Clarks have really upped their game over the years. They've re-branded themselves and now stock some really lovely shoes and boots for women, men and children. I was stuck between the brogues I chose and these ones (coincidence they are deep red?!) but figured I would get more wear out of the black ones (these). They have such a wide range of brogues in different styles! They are my "grown up shoes" that I can wear on smarter days but that still look cute with skirts and dresses. They have a massive up to 50% sale at the moment which is definitely worth checking out!

I like to invest in one or two (maybe three or four.. possibly five) coats a year. I picked this fluffy gem up in Topshop about FIVE times and kept putting it down and going home and thinking about it. So one day, I decided to splurge and buy it. Not that cheap at £80 but it's the warmest thing ever and I've worn it pretty much every day since I got it.

In other news, I have quit my job of three years and three months. I felt like it was time to spread my wings and fly the nest and after handing in my resignation letter, it just felt right, ya know? It wasn't allowing me to grow as a person and there was no personal recognition which is something I have received in other jobs. Talking of which... I have a new job! I started last week but haven't mentioned it on here. I now work on the clothing department TU in Sainsburys and it's so good so far. My department are all so lovely and welcoming and I feel like I was blessed by my angels at the right time after being so unhappy in my previous job. I remember it being the last job I applied for after spending a whole night looking and finally crawling into bed at 4am; and the actual job I got. Life is pretty sweet at the moment :-)

I hope you're all well and looking forward to Christmas! I'm hoping to do DAILY outfit posts soon as I finally bought a remote for my camera. Why has it taken me two and a half years?

Ashleigh x

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