My life in photos currently


internship lunch, canoe inc press day, nandos lunch with my sister, me & my sister, ax party, jessie j gig, the o2, new coat, brb going paris, modelling for a friend, geeking it out in the library, lunch with a friend, assisting a fashion shoot, first day at my new job!, pretty bedroom, love and ice-cream, lazy makeup removal, wearing men's shirts, off to a party, weekend offender launch party, walking around london late, my best friend, crazy day doing styling, christmas tree oh christmas tree.

Just a little update into my life currently. I'm dipping my paws into styling at the moment which is so stressful but at the same time so good! I'm off to hopefully finish my Christmas shopping tonight. I've only got my sister to buy for now. Then I can celebrate by treating myself to a fabulous new dress :)

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- A XO

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