My week in photos: 21.04.12 - 28.04.12

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 This week has been pretty easygoing. Truly realised that I need to get my head down into my work and get my Final Major Project started and finished (deadline being June 13th). I am literally so behind. Had no motivation or inspiration which hasn't helped but my little journal is helping me to plan everything out nicely. I will blog in the week about it all. 

5 things I have done:

  • Went to see Avengers Assemble on Friday, truly amazing!
  • Had a movie marathon by myself, with no chocolate.. sobsob!
  • Been asked to go on a date with somebody!
  • Put up my 500 follower giveaway! (Win a Lomography film camera, enter here!)
  • Packed away all of my winter clothes, only to get them all out again! ~British weather~

5 blogs I have been reading:

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Outfit: Midnight City & Lomography 500 GFC Follower Giveaway!!! (CLOSED)

Dress: Primark, Necklace: Sitting Pretty*

Back with another new post and it's an outfit one! When I had the poll up on my sidebar, 'more outfit posts' was voted the most! I'm sure you can probably tell how windy it has been today hence my hair being all over the place. Sort of forgot to change my camera settings so I thought these were on auto-focus but they were set to manual, meaning I've spent ages trying to sort out the focus in Photoshop! This is the dress that I think everybody has at the moment but I really do love it. Finally adventuring out of my comfort zone and not wearing black... taking tiny baby steps! I also bought the striped version which I am yet to wear!

 In celebration of reaching over 500 followers, I am holding my second blog giveaway! As a photography student, I am always lusting over new cameras and lenses to buy. I'm a huge fan of Lomography anyway. I already have the Diana CYK camera which takes 120 film (bigger negative) so it's a little trickier to use but I do love it. 

I was sent the La Sardina Cubic camera & flash (first image) for my own personal use which I have already put a roll of film into (think I am on frame 5 currently!), so I'll no doubt scan in the negatives and blog about them soon.

Up for grabs is the La Sardina Sapphire Serpent camera, (second image). It is set in a blue snake skin "outfit" and takes 35mm film (which you can pick up in Poundland). It has a stunning wide angle lens and is capable of shooting multiple exposures!

How to win:

+ Be a Google Friend Connect follower! (Click "Join this site" on the side or "Follow" at the top.
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- Open to UK residents only.
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- Giveaway ends 16th May 2012, 11:00pm!
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Good luck!
P.s I am now offering monthly adspace on ASHLLYD. More information here!
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May's wishlist

123, 4&56, 7

Worked quite a lot over the Easter holidays and Monday is pay day which means I can treat myself to a few bits I have been lusting over for quite a while! That's acceptable, right?

1: Been waiting for this t-shirt to come into stock on the Oh Hell Clothing online store, but it's been set to "coming soon" for what seems like forever now!

2: Seen these circling their way around the tumblr'osphere this week but I did see them on Topshop's "new in this week" section before. They literally have my name written all over them. I love in ~in your face/ott/ugly~ patterned leggings!

3: Saw this picture on tumblr and began to frantically search where I could buy purple acid wash jeans from. Finally found them on Urban Outfitters. Slightly on the expensive side of things, but I do adore them and think I would wear them an awful lot!

4 & 5: I wear my black creepers to death and have been umm'ing and ahh'ing over which colour to get next. Both of these are next on my list!

6: Definitely not everyone's 'cuppa tea but I adore these Nike Air Max 1's which are impossible to find at the moment. If anyone has a link where I can get them in a size UK 5/5.5 then please let me know!

7: Pink, metallic and on trend... super pretty!

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Week in photos 15/04/12 - 20/04/12

Feeding my addiction · Cleaning the brushes · Jokey texts with Ella · New Year's Eve · Wednesday's Outfit · Home and hair up! · Bored in college · Random lunch · Z.E wallpaper · "Officially" single (tumblr post here) · Thursday's Outfit* c/o Sugar Lips Apparel · Thursday's face · Jokey texts with Iddy · Creepers & Jeans! · April Showers · Double Rainbow! · Blueberry Slush · Men in Black 3 trailer · Pizza Hut visit · Nachos and all the trimmings · GIANT bubblewrap! · Feel Unique prize · Friday's 1pm wakeup · Friday's afternoon sorted.
Returned to blissful college on Wednesday with a ton of work to complete by next work but no motivation to do so. Had a pretty shitty week if I am honest. Realised that my blog has featured a lot of negativity over the past few weeks and that's not something I want to carry on including in any future posts. I post a lot of personal thoughts, opinions and feelings on my Tumblr so I'll leave the negativity over there.

My Mum has been so lovely to me this week. We went to the cinema with my sister on Thursday evening to see Mirror Mirror (which is amazing!) and then onto Pizza Hut afterwards. Really cheered me up and has made me realise that nobody matters more than family.

Nothing in particular has happened this week other than the constant rain, thunder and negative thoughts. I just need to find the strength to get back on the road to being myself. I shall face a tough journey but I am an independent woman. It's just a shame that I didn't mean as much to somebody as I thought I did. Chin up though!


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'street blur' topman generation competition: i'm in the final!

Really wasn't expecting this but last night I found out I had come second place in the finals for the Topman Generation competition. I am literally over the moon! I'm not sure how many overall votes I got but now it's down to the judges to pick a final winner! If I win, my photograph (above) will be printed onto a Topman t-shirt and sold nationwide!!!

Thought you may like to see some pretty old photos (so old, they weren't shot in RAW format so the quality's poor!) I shot about over a year ago on the same day I took Street Blur (above). Enjoy!

Kevin Murphy's 'Colour Bug'.

Kevin Murphy's Colour Bug - £12.95 via Amazon 

I bought this months ago but never got round to photographing it properly and therefore reviewing it. I really love it though and what with Summer approaching and the dip-dye trend settling in just about everywhere, I thought it was a great time to talk about it!

The colour bug is a round ball like product with a pan of product which allows you to temporarily colour your hair! Haven't got blonde hair? DON'T CLICK OFF THIS REVIEW! Fear no more, as the Colour Bug was invented to colour any hair colour no matter how dark it is! He recommends styling your hair with some kind of wet product, maybe a hair spritz of some sort first, so the product is more vibrant and lasts on the hair a little longer, sealed in with some hairspray afterwards.

The product itself is a chalk like substance which can get messy i.e do not do it near a white countertop or wearing nice clothes (exactly what I did!). The way you use it is by rubbing your hair against the pan which as you can imagine is quite messy itself meaning the product falls everywhere so I recommend standing in the bathroom with a towel around your shoulders. I was worried it would leave staining but it washed out straight away and didn't leave any tints to my hair which I was really impressed with. You can see what it looks like once applied here (bottom right).

Overall, I really recommend the Colour Bug. I have seen them advertised a lot in a few issues of Company magazine lately. They are a great, fun way to dye your hair a crazy colour without damage and commitment!

Have you tried the Colour Bug? Will you be rushing out to try it anytime soon? I would love to hear your thoughts!

i don't know what's right and what's real anymore

001: Lily Allen's 'Fear' title. I'm listening to so many old tunes lately!

002: I never wear lipgloss but this is cherry flavoured so it's an exception, right? I always feel naked without my red lip though!

003: Feels like forever since I last used my camera. Really have forgotten how amazing the quality is. I blame that famous app called Instagram! I promised myself and you lot that I'm going to be a bit more on top of blog posts. I have been slacking so much recently. I can't even blame myself for being "busy". I just haven't really had many things to talk about and I'm really lazy when it comes to outfit posts!

004: Had a million and one things to do today, yet have only managed to do a few things that were on my "to-do list". I still have one more day off before my Easter holidays are over, so maybe I will cross everything off my list?!

005: Finally decided on what I'm going to be doing for my final major project. I've been ooh'ing and ahh'ing for a whole month (yep, I've wasted a month!) whether to go down the fashion route or do something totally different. I've had a few ideas but not something that I felt was exciting to blog about but once I get all my ideas down properly I will blog about it all. It's going to involve spending a lot of time at my favourite place in the whole wide world; my Nanny & Grandad's flat in London, the place where I was born and the place where I grew up. All of my best and happiest memories are there!

My week in photos 08.04.12 - 14.04.12

Night out with the girls (7th April) · New skin care regime (opinion not yet made!) · Theory revising · Naughty brownie session · Face· Vampire(?) · #KONY2012 bracelet arrived! · Jokey texts with my bestie, Ella · More jokes with Ella lolz · Over 500 GFC followers! · Purple ombre · Over 300 Instagram followers :) · ~Run DMC/LMFAO! Outfit~
My clubbing virginity was taken last weekend!!! 10 blueberry mickey finns and many vodka and redbulls later, I woke up to a slight hangover but it was a great night! Very happy I am back in contact with all my friends!

Literally haven't done anything this week remotely interesting to talk about. Last week of half term has whizzed by. The thought of going back to college for another 8 weeks on Wednesday is slightly killing me but the thought of finishing college after these next 8 weeks is keeping me going! I saw 'Cabin in the woods' yesterday. How that got a 5 star rating I will never know. It was the most confusing, random film I have ever seen. So, so disappointed!

Finished another 100ml bottle of Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser. Can't justify spending p+p charges, so I've been waiting till I'm in London to purchase another bottle. However, I have seen a few bloggers talk about the No7 ~dupe~ so I've been using this for a few days now. I am yet to make an opinion on it but so far, so good?

I have finished all of the reversing manoeuvres in my driving lessons. Really starting to have a car lust. I don't care what car it is as long as it's black or maroon! Life will be so much easier with a car. It's so tedious using public transport to work and college. I've had enough of moany bus drivers, screaming babies and breathing in the smell of marijuana and gawd knows what else. It's time to get a set of wheels!

Surrounding myself with the people I love most has really helped me get over the past few weeks and I'm sure if you've been reading my blog, tumblr and tweets you will know what I mean. Duvet days with Iddy, junk food and plenty of DVD's are my favourite days and my conversations with Ella are out of this world. Is it possible for two people to be so similar? We have the exact same taste in men anyway!

In other news, it was lovely to see a familiar face in May's issue of Glamour magazine. Huge well done to Megan for being chosen as one of the faces from the River Island casting call! The photo-shoot she was luckily featured in is stunning, so I suggest you all check it out or check out Megan's blog post here all about it :)

Apologies for the lack of blog posts this week, I am lacking inspiration! What would you like to see more of?