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Worked quite a lot over the Easter holidays and Monday is pay day which means I can treat myself to a few bits I have been lusting over for quite a while! That's acceptable, right?

1: Been waiting for this t-shirt to come into stock on the Oh Hell Clothing online store, but it's been set to "coming soon" for what seems like forever now!

2: Seen these circling their way around the tumblr'osphere this week but I did see them on Topshop's "new in this week" section before. They literally have my name written all over them. I love in ~in your face/ott/ugly~ patterned leggings!

3: Saw this picture on tumblr and began to frantically search where I could buy purple acid wash jeans from. Finally found them on Urban Outfitters. Slightly on the expensive side of things, but I do adore them and think I would wear them an awful lot!

4 & 5: I wear my black creepers to death and have been umm'ing and ahh'ing over which colour to get next. Both of these are next on my list!

6: Definitely not everyone's 'cuppa tea but I adore these Nike Air Max 1's which are impossible to find at the moment. If anyone has a link where I can get them in a size UK 5/5.5 then please let me know!

7: Pink, metallic and on trend... super pretty!

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  1. for the air max 1s, they were a drop that everyone wanted so sold out pretty quick! your best bet is to check on ebay :D xx

  2. Love the Nike Air Max 1s! About time really comfy shows became fashionable x

  3. I almost bought those leggings the other day and now I'm seriously regretting leaving them behind :( xx

  4. ooo I love the look of that nail varnish it looks like a gorgeous shade! I really need to try the topshop nail polishes :)
    <3 Holz oxo

  5. Anonymous24/4/12

    That nail varnish... Be still my beating heart! So achingly 90s...

    Mona x

  6. I love these leggings, I dunno if I would be able to pull them off but I love. You should definitely treat yourself, and I may have to do a copy cat and get that nail polish


  7. I agree! absolutely LOVE Oh Hell Clothing, I've seen those lilac creepers before - I think from Linzi shoes??? Super cheap!! :) x

  8. I adore this wishlist! I especially love the nail polish, jeans and that t-shirt! :O

    CAT xoxo

    p.s. Check out my iPhone case giveaway!?

  9. I want the acid wash jeans sooo bad!! Amazing!

  10. Ah I love those lilac creepers x

  11. You definitely pull off creepers! Your blog is so cute and so are you, new follower in me :) x

  12. I want those purple jeans too :)

  13. Those acid was jeans are FIT! I saw some pale pink ones in New Look, pretty desperate for them!

    Marie x



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