Week in photos 15/04/12 - 20/04/12


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Returned to blissful college on Wednesday with a ton of work to complete by next work but no motivation to do so. Had a pretty shitty week if I am honest. Realised that my blog has featured a lot of negativity over the past few weeks and that's not something I want to carry on including in any future posts. I post a lot of personal thoughts, opinions and feelings on my Tumblr so I'll leave the negativity over there.

My Mum has been so lovely to me this week. We went to the cinema with my sister on Thursday evening to see Mirror Mirror (which is amazing!) and then onto Pizza Hut afterwards. Really cheered me up and has made me realise that nobody matters more than family.

Nothing in particular has happened this week other than the constant rain, thunder and negative thoughts. I just need to find the strength to get back on the road to being myself. I shall face a tough journey but I am an independent woman. It's just a shame that I didn't mean as much to somebody as I thought I did. Chin up though!


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  1. Your nails look great!

  2. your tumblr post made me cry! you're a beautiful beautiful girl and i bet there are so many guys out there who would throw themselves at your feet! you don't know me but i have been through something similar and i hope you feel a million times better soon xx

  3. Anonymous22/4/12

    I've just read your tumblr post, and i can honestly say i have been in the exact same situation and know exactly how your feeling, but just know that once you feel better - you'll be happier than ever. If you ever need someone to talk to or just need to let anything out, i'm always here - i know what it's like to have noone to talk to. On a brighter note, keep smiling, you're beautiful. :-)

    rachelpan xo

  4. glad to hear that you're feeling better, you're a gorgeous girl and anyone would be lucky to have you so don't let him get you down! and those nachos look goooooooood :)

  5. Looking beautiful! xo

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've been having :( It's a shame that it had to come to that, but like you said, time is the best healer and you WILL be able to move on. You a strong girl, and just keep telling yourself that. Better things await you :) x

  7. I would die for some chicken nugs or nachos right now, not gonna lie! Hope you're keeping up spirits lovely, it's so hard but time is a great healer and more often than not is the only thing that'll really work (:

  8. Ashleigh, Your hair looks great in a bun and it looks even better waved. Cute nail design too.

    Remember: anyone that makes your cry isn't worth your tears.

    I really hope you come to the London Coffee Blogger Meet, I would love to meet youuuuu!!!

    Love Naheeda x

  9. Cool dotty nails! Looks great

    Rianna xxx

  10. i love you that is all xxxxx

  11. You are looking beaut in these pics hun! Also its 9 in the morning and I really want scotch eggs and nachos now:/

  12. loving your make-up! x


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