Little big news!


This is a little memo so I can look back and remember:

No matter what I go through in life, I can always pull through. I can succeed if I believe in myself. I can exceed people's expectations (I was predicted a final grade of DDD). I can do it, and I have. I have never been proud of myself before. It feels strange to feel happy inside because of something I have done myself, but it's a nice feeling and it shall stay for a while.

P.S: My Final Major Project got two Distinctions :-)!!!!!!!!!!!

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week in photos: 18th-25th june 2012

Mario Kart · Chorizo pasta · Outfit · Me and my Sister off to the cinema! · Floral shirt and air max kinda day! · Feeding my fanta addiction · Went shopping: Satin jacket 1, 2 & 3 · Peace crop top (Time £6) · CEX purchases · Watched Tangled with my Mumma! · Rolo heaven · I can't make toast on a grill, clearly. · Beans on toast · Driving lesson · Monday's outfit · Reached over 600 followers on Instagram, yay!
001: Played on the Wii for the first time since January the other day. It's impossible to beat my Sister at it.. she's just toooo good! Really need to get back into the Wii fit (board) too. It really made me lose a few pounds after Christmas but I just haven't bothered with it since. There's something more exciting about riding an non-existent bike than what there is riding a real one! 

002: Attempted to start the 30 day shred this week. Okay, so I passed level 1 and was all ready to carry level 1 on for another 9 days, until I woke up the next day with the most achy pain in my legs ever, so I haven't bothered with it since! Me and my Mum got measured and weighed in Boots whilst shopping though. I'm 5'4.6 tall (hahaha) whilst my Mum is 5'8.8. And I weigh two pounds more than she does. Slightly depressing, but I am top heavier in that region so that probably explains it!

003: Treated myself to three new jackets this week. They were all from cheap one off stores in town, but I have seen similar on eBay. I have always been in love with Jessie J's style and have a lot of the same clothes as her. And of course, my new girl crush, Rita Ora who wears similar ones too! I have wanted a printed bomber jacket for ages but one that isn't too puffy. This one is perfect as it's really thin so it's great for the ~chilly summer days~ we're having in the UK right now.

004: Had a 'movie night in' with my Mumma this week which was lovely as everyone else was out. I've only recently become quite close to my Mum. For three years I was in a relationship where I completely devoted myself to that person. Me and my Mum have always had a good relationship. We rarely argue and if we do, we just laugh about it five minutes afterwards, but it's only over the past 2/3 months I have really began to form a strong friendship with her. She has literally been my rock since March 10th and I couldn't say a bigger thank you.

005: Calculated that Monday was my 20th driving lesson. I still haven't sorted out sitting down and studying my theory book, let alone booking the theory test. I'm aiming for September though so I have another three months to really knuckle down!

006: Seen two films this week! The first one was The Five Year Engagement with my Sister, which was ~oh ma god i want this on DVD when it comes out~ good! Kinda made me ~happy sad~ though. Read this post here. Yesterday I saw Abraham Lincoln the vampire hunter with a friend from work and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. Vampire films I find are always a hit and miss. I'm an avid fan of Twilight though ^_^

007: I have another giveaway lined up in celebration of rapidly approaching 700 GFC followers and 1000 Twitter followers. All shall be revealed!

008: Thank you for all your comments on my three outfit posts which have been posted this week: Stars & Stripes, Call it what you want and Greyhound. Looking at my statistics, my highest page views are from outfit posts so I am taking a wild guess that that's what the majority of you prefer seeing on ASHLLYD? Let me know below!

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Jumper: H&M
American Apparel Disco pants via ASOS
Shoes: Topshop studded vectras

I haven't worn this jumper in ages! I also have it in black but I appear to have lost that, oops. I think they were around £7 each which is so cheap for a good quality knit! I paired it with my AA disco pants (if you follow me on instagram ((ashllyd)), you'll know I live in them) and tucked the jumper in at the front to add a little more shape and to show off the belt. I think this is an outfit I can wear anywhere as it's the cross between casual/smart.
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Call it what you want

Hat: Ebay
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Urban Outfitters
(Black creepers & black frilly socks)

Urban Outfitters speedily delivered these jeans to me a few days ago and I am literally head over heels in love with them. I could never justify the original pricetag (being £50) as I'm not really a jeans wearer. However with 50% off and a 10% discount code, I couldn't resist! They're purple acid wash but look a lot brighter and better in person. Being only 5'4", they're a little on the long side so I have to roll them up twice at the bottom but other than that they're perfect!

The top is one that everyone seemed to own long before the likes of Orange Circle Clothing existed (offering near enough the same styles for a lot less!). I don't tend to wear it much anymore though even though it was near enough £30. I must have been mad.
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Stars & Stripes

T-shirt: Topshop
High waisted shorts: Topshop
Necklace: Topshop
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Lipstick: Barry M (the bright orange one!)
(Black creepers & lilac frilly socks)

The sun finally hit the UK today which meant I could finally wear these shorts that I bought weeks ago. Was beginning to think I would never be able to wear them! Slyly wearing all Topshop today without realising, but oh well.  I think this is my most worn t-shirt in my whole wardrobe. It simply goes with absolutely everything! 

The shorts really do look better in person. Firstly the stripes are NEON PINK. The high waisted fit is perfect and really flattering. I love them! However, I do think Rosie rocks them better! I also finally (never too late) got round to purchasing the infamous ~moschino inspired~ PEACE belt from Urban Outfitters. I've wanted it for ages and have planned so many outfits for it to go with!
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My week in photos: 10th-17th june

Wednesday's face · Our garden looking pretty · "Flumpy friday night" - me and my sister did the flumpy 'chubby bunnies' challenge! - video here· Chilled out night · My Mum's cheeky public conversation about me! · Saturday's face after a long day at work.
I have worked all weekend hence why this post is up a little late. Haven't really photographed much over the past week so this is probably the most boring instalment to this weekly feature so far! I cheekily watched a bit of Rock of Ages at work today. It's not really one of them films I would usually watch but it gave me goosebumps! Really want to see it now! Anyone seen it?
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Celebratory order!

I handed in my very last project yesterday; my Final Major Project. View it here. I've only got two weeks left of college and that's just preparing for our End of Year show which is next Wednesday (21st) and then making sure all of our other work is alright for submission and then I'm done! A whole two years studying for a Photography BTEC Diploma finished! Then it's time to start my Photography degree!

As a little way of cheering myself up and a way of saying WELL DONE ASHLEIGH, I treated myself to these two beauties today. I got an email saying Urban Outfitters have a 50% off sale starting today, then I saw these acid wash skinny jeans in the sale from £50 to just £25. If you follow my tumblr, I posted these ages ago as I saw them in a girl's outfit post, but I couldn't spare £50 for a pair of jeans... considering I never wear jeans! However, I couldn't resist them for £25! They also come in a lovely turquoise colour. Finally, I bought this belt which every Tom, Dick and Harry has in the blogging world but hey-ho, it's been a member of my never ending wishlist since I started blogging so it was time to give in!
Urban Outfitters codes: 10% off with code UO10 (valid until December 2012!) / 15% off UKLC15 and free delivery with purchases over £40 with code UKFD40 (Sophie found these two!)
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Happy 16th Louise!

Saturday was my Sister's 16th birthday (lady gaga above) so we had a fancy dress party. It's actually depressing how much taller she is compared to me! Almost everybody turned up which was lovely as everyone made the effort to dress up a little and just generally be there! The weather stayed okay all day. We was all really surprised it didn't rain! My Mum dressed as Marilyn and my Dad was Bob the Builder (even played the theme tune when he walked in after changing... hilarious!). There was Woody from Toy Story, Anne Boleyn, Wonderwoman, Katy Perry, Greek goddesses and loads more! There was even a Smurf family but I'm not sure I'm allowed to put their pictures on here so you can just imagine two adults and two children walking in painted blue with a blue t-shirt, white trousers and the white Smurfs hat.. SO FUNNY!

Had a really good night though and was even treated to a BBQ the next morning/afternoon as a way to "get over the hangovers". Too much cider but all for a good cause...of course! ;) I'm also allowed to finally reveal that me, my Mum & Sister have tickets to go and see Jessie J in March. It was a surprise from my Mum to both me and my Sister however I had to book them so I of course already knew about them. Jessie J is literally the biggest inspiration to me ever! Her whole album got me through "the break-up". Amazing what music can do!

P.S: Well done to Lucy for winning my customised Levi shorts giveaway! I have emailed you!
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two weeks in photos: 27th may - 9th june

Hair's growing! · Shed clear out · New York Classic (lush) · Grandad bought me a donut :) · Drive home · Cheese & cucumber sandwich (my favourite) · Salad · Walking home through the never-ending park · Outfit · Scanning in negatives (bore!) · Chocolate indulgence · Cheeky spend-up · New jumper (Primark mens) · New highwaisted denim shorts (Topshop) · Monday's face · The morning after the night before! (hangover alert) · Cheesy pasta · Disco lights for the party! · Baking my Sister's birthday cake · Bedroom sort out · Saturday morning wake up · The finished birthday cake! 

I didn't have many photos for a week in photos post last week so I've added last week's to this week's to bring you a two week's in photos! I have had possibly the laziest two weeks of my life. It's half term (if you didn't already know) and I finish college in two weeks so I literally have nothing to do with my days now, other than work. 

My Final Major Project is 90% finished. I just have to print off a few bits 'n' bobs and stick them into my project book and then present on Wednesday 13th, hand everything in and I'm done! Then all we have to do is plan our end of year show. I have no idea what to show though so that's the next thing to sort out. Thank you for all your comments on my FMP posts. It's been lovely to read all your kind words!

The last few days has been pretty hectic however. It's my Sister's birthday today (Happy 16th birthday Louise!) and we're having a fancy dress at our house tonight (9th). So many people are invited so it's the case of cleaning the whole house, bathing the dog, buying and cooking all the food, putting up the gazebo (weather isn't looking too great right now so please perk up!) and then the last minute things like balloons, decorations, getting my outfit sorted etc. I'm Snow White! Pictures shall be put up in a post on Sunday instead of a week in photos but I will be tweeting/instagram'ing pictures for most of the night I'm sure!

Don't forget my giveaway to win customised levi shorts ends tonight at 11pm! A winner shall be chosen tomorrow :)

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New work: FMP Submission!

The last in the series of my FMP blog posts; here is my final submission. I decided to submit a book to be a bit different and it adds a more personal touch as my project is personal documentary. If you didn't already know, my project explores my childhood growing up in various places in East/North London.

Here is the "online version". Obviously, there is only one physical copy which looks a lot better but sadly I am unable to share that unless you all come to my house for tea and biscuits!

Click 'view full screen' at the bottom for the best view. Use the arrows to turn the pages. Let me know what you think! Enjoy.

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New work: FMP: 35mm submissions

Shot in my favourite format; 35mm and scanned in the negatives. These were all shot in Hoxton, where I was born and lived for the first few years of my life. Some are also taken around the Shoreditch area where mine and my Mumma's first flat was. All the places photographed have relevance to my childhood; including the McDonalds!

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