two weeks in photos: 27th may - 9th june

Hair's growing! · Shed clear out · New York Classic (lush) · Grandad bought me a donut :) · Drive home · Cheese & cucumber sandwich (my favourite) · Salad · Walking home through the never-ending park · Outfit · Scanning in negatives (bore!) · Chocolate indulgence · Cheeky spend-up · New jumper (Primark mens) · New highwaisted denim shorts (Topshop) · Monday's face · The morning after the night before! (hangover alert) · Cheesy pasta · Disco lights for the party! · Baking my Sister's birthday cake · Bedroom sort out · Saturday morning wake up · The finished birthday cake! 

I didn't have many photos for a week in photos post last week so I've added last week's to this week's to bring you a two week's in photos! I have had possibly the laziest two weeks of my life. It's half term (if you didn't already know) and I finish college in two weeks so I literally have nothing to do with my days now, other than work. 

My Final Major Project is 90% finished. I just have to print off a few bits 'n' bobs and stick them into my project book and then present on Wednesday 13th, hand everything in and I'm done! Then all we have to do is plan our end of year show. I have no idea what to show though so that's the next thing to sort out. Thank you for all your comments on my FMP posts. It's been lovely to read all your kind words!

The last few days has been pretty hectic however. It's my Sister's birthday today (Happy 16th birthday Louise!) and we're having a fancy dress at our house tonight (9th). So many people are invited so it's the case of cleaning the whole house, bathing the dog, buying and cooking all the food, putting up the gazebo (weather isn't looking too great right now so please perk up!) and then the last minute things like balloons, decorations, getting my outfit sorted etc. I'm Snow White! Pictures shall be put up in a post on Sunday instead of a week in photos but I will be tweeting/instagram'ing pictures for most of the night I'm sure!

Don't forget my giveaway to win customised levi shorts ends tonight at 11pm! A winner shall be chosen tomorrow :)

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  1. this has made me want pasta and doughnuts!

    p.s love your stripy shorts xx

  2. Hope you have fun with the fancy dress frolics! Also, good luck with your FMP, I'm sure you will do really well.

  3. Ahhh bet you are going to look amazing as Snow White. Really hope the weather picks up x

  4. Those cupcakes look BEYOND amazing! *mouth watering* :) x

  5. This post has made me very hungry! :)



  6. Love your shorts! Looking forward to the snow white pics!

    Fern, xo


  7. I love the fact you bathed your dog in preparation for your sister's party haha! He/she's got to smell and look their best!

    So much tasty food in these photos! ♥

  8. food food fooooooooooood! i want doughnuts and chips now!
    hope you had an amazing fancy dress party.. and your dog smelt all nice :) x

  9. Absolutely loving the food to fashion ratio of your pics! Your are my kinda girl! Also your sisters party looked like so much fun!

    Great blog, now following!


  10. I now need a donut!


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