i don't know what's right and what's real anymore


001: Lily Allen's 'Fear' title. I'm listening to so many old tunes lately!

002: I never wear lipgloss but this is cherry flavoured so it's an exception, right? I always feel naked without my red lip though!

003: Feels like forever since I last used my camera. Really have forgotten how amazing the quality is. I blame that famous app called Instagram! I promised myself and you lot that I'm going to be a bit more on top of blog posts. I have been slacking so much recently. I can't even blame myself for being "busy". I just haven't really had many things to talk about and I'm really lazy when it comes to outfit posts!

004: Had a million and one things to do today, yet have only managed to do a few things that were on my "to-do list". I still have one more day off before my Easter holidays are over, so maybe I will cross everything off my list?!

005: Finally decided on what I'm going to be doing for my final major project. I've been ooh'ing and ahh'ing for a whole month (yep, I've wasted a month!) whether to go down the fashion route or do something totally different. I've had a few ideas but not something that I felt was exciting to blog about but once I get all my ideas down properly I will blog about it all. It's going to involve spending a lot of time at my favourite place in the whole wide world; my Nanny & Grandad's flat in London, the place where I was born and the place where I grew up. All of my best and happiest memories are there!


  1. IDK why I can't find you on instagram when I use the name Ashleigh ? :(

  2. you look lovely! x

  3. Good luck with your project and you have inspired me to dig out the classics, Craig David and Busted here I come, slightly cringing haha :) oxo

  4. You're gorgeous! :) x

  5. Bit of a comment rampage as I am catching up with your blog haha! Can't wait to hear more about your project though loved your last one (balloons)


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