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 Pussycat London Shirt* | Primark Jumper | H&M skirt |
Clarks Shoes* | Topshop Coat | ASOS Watch*

This shirt from Pussycat London is quite possibly the prettiest shirt I own. It's actually from the sister company to Pussycat London; Brand Jasmine. They have some really pretty pieces which I'm sure every girl will love. I am particularly loving this dress - perfect for the festive season.  Upon receiving this beauty in the post, I realised I didn't actually own a white shirt so it's been worn a few times underneath jumpers, tucked into skirts and over skinny black jeans. It just goes with everything!

The jumper is something else I have been wearing a lot. Deep reds and purples are my favourite colours and about 40% of my wardrobe consists of it. I just can't get enough of crimson, maroon, burgundy and aubergine shades! 

My shoes were another gift kindly sent from Clarks. I was a little apprehensive at first as I haven't stepped foot into a Clarks since I was an awkward nine year old child looking for school shoes with my mum. Apparently I was very fussy with school shoes and it was a job to find a pair that fit me well and that I liked at the same time! Clarks have really upped their game over the years. They've re-branded themselves and now stock some really lovely shoes and boots for women, men and children. I was stuck between the brogues I chose and these ones (coincidence they are deep red?!) but figured I would get more wear out of the black ones (these). They have such a wide range of brogues in different styles! They are my "grown up shoes" that I can wear on smarter days but that still look cute with skirts and dresses. They have a massive up to 50% sale at the moment which is definitely worth checking out!

I like to invest in one or two (maybe three or four.. possibly five) coats a year. I picked this fluffy gem up in Topshop about FIVE times and kept putting it down and going home and thinking about it. So one day, I decided to splurge and buy it. Not that cheap at £80 but it's the warmest thing ever and I've worn it pretty much every day since I got it.

In other news, I have quit my job of three years and three months. I felt like it was time to spread my wings and fly the nest and after handing in my resignation letter, it just felt right, ya know? It wasn't allowing me to grow as a person and there was no personal recognition which is something I have received in other jobs. Talking of which... I have a new job! I started last week but haven't mentioned it on here. I now work on the clothing department TU in Sainsburys and it's so good so far. My department are all so lovely and welcoming and I feel like I was blessed by my angels at the right time after being so unhappy in my previous job. I remember it being the last job I applied for after spending a whole night looking and finally crawling into bed at 4am; and the actual job I got. Life is pretty sweet at the moment :-)

I hope you're all well and looking forward to Christmas! I'm hoping to do DAILY outfit posts soon as I finally bought a remote for my camera. Why has it taken me two and a half years?

Ashleigh x

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  1. You look great - love the shoes and the coat!

    Hannah x

  2. Hello gorgeous coat! Just lovely x

  3. Great outfit, that coat is gorgeous!


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