Paris Travels: Part Three


On the Friday we all travelled to Paris Photo which is a famous Photography event showcasing lots of different photographers' work. It was a long, tiring day but quite possibly my favourite. I bumped into Martin Parr and managed to get a snap of him. I also met Tokyo based photographer Benjamin Lee and had a little chat with him. So surreal!

Here is Martin Parr! (Below)
.. & Benjamin Lee (Below that!)

This little boy was fascinated with his dad's camera so after seeking permission I quickly snapped up the cutest moment.

The event was round the corner from a French Christmas Market. I love Markets especially at Christmas time so we all had a little wander. It was huge! Similar to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland but a lot more relaxed and hassle free. I bought some marzipan smelling soaps for my Nan :-)

We grabbed some lunch and bumped into a group of crazy girls! They really did brighten a cold, crisp day.

Ashleigh x

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