Start Of Something New


+ Old picture but needed something to add to this very short post!  I have been working so much over the past two weeks, hence why my posting has become rather slow! It's also the reason my posts go up quite late when I do manage to get some time to myself!

++ Working 4 days straight from Friday onwards. All early shifts. Two 7.30am starts in a row aswell! This is the only reason why I hate half terms; work becomes bedlam!  I only have college twice this week too. Friday's teacher training which means I can lounge around the house until work at 6! I'll probably just go in on Wednesday to show my face. I'm planning on meeting my friend Kayleigh on Thursday for a spot of lunch possibly and I'm going to try and shoot some photographs!

+++ Going to treat myself to a tripod soon so I can start doing outfit posts, yay!

++++ Changed the look of my blog & I much prefer it now!

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