Front Cover Cosmetic 'Air Kiss' set review


I was invited to the Front Cover's Blog Launch a few weeks ago but was unable to attend. I really don't have the confidence to sit in a room full of people I don't know anyway, which sucks as it would be really cool to get to know some new people... ~billy no mates here~.

Front Cover Cosmetics is a new brand of cosmetics being stocked in Boots. They produce "sets" of items for different looks. I think their pricing is pricey, around £20 on average for a set but for the amount of stuff you get inside, I do think it's worth it! I chose to feature the 'Airkiss' set as I'm a lipstick junkie (as you probably already know) and was really excited to try out a new brand!
The Airkiss set features 20 different lipsticks with different finishes and a wide range of different shades.  It also comes with a retractable lip brush which is not something I would tend to use but I guess it's always handy to have one! Finally it comes with a lip pencil in a medium-nude shade.  The lipsticks themselves are quite small, about half the length & width of your average lipstick size. I think they're generous sizes though as there's some shades in there I wouldn't see myself wearing, so it would be pretty pointless having a full size product! I love the little set of instructions and 'tips' on the left side of the box. I read them when I opened it and thought they were great for a beginner who's just starting out wearing lipstick. I tend to mix lipsticks together anyway so their tips were irrelevant but my Mum learnt some tips!

I can't remember what shades I swatched but they're all from the two bottom rows. I will never use the nude shades so they were pretty pointless to swatch, plus they wouldn't come out right on the camera! 

I would really recommend this set (RRP £20) if you're a lipstick junkie like myself, but maybe more so if you wear nude shades aswell as bolder ones.

Disclaimer - This was sent to me for reviewing purposes. I was not paid to review it! The opinions I have stated are true to word.

Have you tried any of their sets yet? Did you go to the blog launch?
Hope everybody's having a fab Tuesday!


  1. I first got Frontcover products a year ago from Boots. I actually love them and am coming to steal your lipsticks. (:

  2. Yes that was the top :)! I'm just glad it worked haha, I hate returning stuff there! they are so intimidating at times :) The skirt is meant to be a dress, I have no idea how because it is ridiculously short :| xoxo

  3. I'd probably be tempted by a set like this, just so I could test all the shades and see which ones suit me and which don't. All in an attempt to save myself from buying ones that don't in the future! x

  4. Hi Elise :)
    Yeah it's a really great concept!
    A x


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