lovely little day


 Outfit today: blazer h&m, shirt h&m, jumper republic, skirt h&m, brogues urban outfitters, bag ebay
Coat from primark £25
Popped into town today with my Mum, Sister & Nan. Had a mooch about the shops and came across this coat. I've wanted it for ages since watching Zoe's haul onYouTube. She looked so cute! I also saw a customer at work wearing it the other day and have been meaning to pick it up ever since. As soon as I saw a rack of them, I literally ran over and they had my size :]
From the fur trimmed hood to the little pom pom thingys (what are they called?!) to the actual heart motif design..... the whole coat just shouts out CUTE. My Nanny ended up buying it for me as part of my Christmas presents, except I'm allowed it early :P

I also picked up another coat which is army green coloured with fur trims around the sleeves & hood which went down to £10 in Primark. Had to get it didn't I?! But again, it's a Christmas present from my Mum but I'm not allowed it until Christmas, boo!

I have finally started gift shopping for Christmas, yippee! I find it all so exciting, don't you?
I have bought a few things for my Mum and found a random book about West Ham today for my Dad (super cheap too haha). I have such a huge family, which is why my Mum always has to start in September!

I took my Sister to see 'The Lion King' in 3D after our shopping trip. I went to the one I work at as it was in the same town and we ended up getting the bus back. Oh and Two Shoes from x-factor were down there today! Not that they're famous or anything........ Moving on ... It's such a great film. I've always said The Lion King & Matilda are my favourite childhood films (so much so that I wore BOTH of the tapes out when I was little!). The 3D'ness was okay, but I still prefer the good old normalness. Did I cry again? Yes!



  1. Aw your outfit is adorable, and your coat is even more so! I'm hoping to catch The Lion King 3D on Monday night if there are any spaces at the cinema (:

  2. omg i love your coat. East ham primark is not cutting it, why do the never have this stuff?

  3. that is the most adorable coat ever! seriously lovely :) xxo

  4. super cute outfit!!! i wish we had primark in Greece :/
    kisses beautiful!
    P.S: Lovelyyyy blog
    P.S: I'm following ya, check out my blog!


  5. I love your coat! xx

  6. That coat is adorable! x


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