wishlist #6

I really need to steer away from black but I just can't resist it. Mixture of Topshop and Romwe today.  I love the 'new in' section on Topshop's website - I have such a fantasy shopping basket right now! I love Romwe's shoes as they're all weird and wonderful but they have really odd sizing. I'm a UK size 5, sometimes 6 but they only seem to do half sizes! Been after a pair of creepers since I tried a pair on in Urban Outfitters a while back and literally fell head over heels in love. I have bought inspired ones before but they hurt like a b*tch so I've decided I'm going to ask Santa for a pair this year! Have you read my creepers opinionated post? Click here and let me know your thoughts! ~ I love the studded shoes, similar to what's out on the market in the UK at the moment, except they're more rough and grungy which I like! I've been looking for a pair of gloves that will go with my coat that I blogged about the other day. I always seem to get knitted cream ones which always get dirty easily, but these are plain black with a tiny bit of detailing which I love! Everything else that I haven't talked about is just on my usual weekly monthly wishlist so Todd or Mumma, if you're reading this........take note! ;-)

The 'Beetlejuice' range by Models own consisting of 5 holographic nail polishes was finally released at 10am today - I'm so excited; I've literally been counting down all week!  They're £5 each but there's little incentives shall we say for e.g you can buy 3 and save £3 so I'm guessing you can get 3 for just £12. Bargain. There's also a deal where you can buy all 5 shades PLUS a top coat for just £20! But that's not all....... there's a little deal on the side where you can get a free kohl pencil eyeliner in black for FREE with your first order. I've never bought from them online so I think £20 for 5 new nail colours, a top coat and a kohl eyeliner is a complete & utter BARGAIN. I'm going to be putting in my order today!

Can't believe it's November already! Hope everyone had a fab halloween.
I didn't do anything special. Just had some pizza, chocolate cake & ice-cream and sat in doing college work!


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  1. I seriously want the velvet shirt and leggings. xxx


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