Urban Landscape shoot 1: Brick Lane & Hoxton


Was going to dig out my new tripod today but it was pouring down, hence the crappy mirror picture, oops!
The jumper is a new purchase from H&M for £9.99 except the woman made a mistake and put it through as £4.99 for me. Score.

Today I ventured into Brick Lane & Hoxton to shoot some photographs. My current photography project is Urban Landscape and I'm a wee behind! I had so many problems with my film camera today. Film cost around £5/6 PER roll and I wasted one!

We started at Brick Lane and walked down random streets and ended up in Hoxton. I was "born 'n bred" in Hoxton so I knew the place well. I was having a lovely day until I realised my second and final film hadn't fed through the camera properly so I hadn't actually taken any photographs! *grr face*. So yes, we ventured back to Brick Lane for a second time. Hopefully they've come out okay. That's the only downfall with film. You never know if the pictures are okay until you develop them!

I shot all of these on my iPhone so you can decide if they're "photography". I don't know if they are as they were shot on the Instagram App and the effects were chosen by me but not exactly edited by me. I've done some video work though so I'm going to work on that after this post! - I just took these photos mainly for a blog post and for documentation (silly me forgot to charge my DSLR).

What do you think? These were the shots I basically shot in film too just so you have an idea!
P.s it's mine & Todd's 2 year anniversary today!


  1. Wicked photo's i like the window full of medicine x x

  2. I hate it when films get messed up, it's so annoying! These look great though, the perfect place for an Urban landscape theme x

  3. I know! I wouldn't mind so much if they were cheaper lol! Thank you :) x

  4. Love all these photos! Instagram is so cool! I have to use model mayhem because I've just got no other option. Well, that or don't take any photos haha. I'll just go through the process and see what happens. Maybe I'll learn who's good and who's not! Yeah I'd love to collaborate! : D I live quite near to London, and one of my friends at uni is staying near Brick Lane so I'll take you up on that one :) Oh and don't worry, I like long comments haha :)

  5. Gorgeous selection of images :)
    www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  6. Ah I love Brick Lane - its so cool. Sweet photos, love your outfit x

  7. i love how your shoes blend in with the texture of the ground! Thank you for your comment on my blog!




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