The most boring blog post I have probably ever written


001: I don't know if this going to end up being a new feature of mine but Sunday's are the one day I absolutely love. Sunday's for me mean lounging around catching up on stuff I need to do like emails, blog writing, photo editing or simply finishing off a series on Netflix.

002: I've had the laziest weekend ever. I haven't been out and to be honest I haven't done that much in terms of work either. I am currently working at a job with a 0 hour contract which in some ways absolutely sucks but other ways works out perfect around my photography work and blogging. Being freelance is really difficult and I may end up doing a post about this soon but I am still trying to find my feet myself.

003: I am going blonder next week which I am super excited about. I actually haven't had my roots done since October so I am in absolute dire need of a general freshen up. I have also decided I am going to do THE CHOP and get it cut to around collar bone length. I have had long hair for years so I feel a change will be nice. Personally, I blame Taylor Swift.

Hope y'all had a fab weekend! X


  1. I'm trying to decide if I should chop my hair off too, I really want a change but I'm scared as I had been trying to grow it for years... also your makeup is amazing!

    L x

    1. You totally should! I reckon it would look great and a change is always good :)x

  2. You look gorgeous here! Sundays have for a long time also been my favourite day of the week, it is always nice to just get a little downtime from the week before and before the week ahead! I also chopped my very long hair to just below shoulder length in the summer and I'm so glad I did! I think yours will look great too :)

    Tabby x


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