Magnitone Pixie Lott Lucid Face Brush


usual RRP price: £69.99 | Bought for £10

Remember that beautiful but busy day that hit us all a few months ago... Black Friday they call it?! Well I have to say I completely slated it on all forms of social media telling people they must be mad to hit the shops looking for bargains knowing the whole world is out to do the same thing. Well, I still think the whole idea is ridiculous and I would never march to my local supermarket just to save myself £80 on a new TV but hey, if that's your thing, go for it!

The one purchase I did however make was the Magnitone face brush. Magnitone were tweeting several AMAZIIIING offers out throughout the day. I managed to buy this usual RRP £70 product (which is limited edition by Pixie Lott may I add) for just £10 including postage! The offer was the first 10 orders for £10 and then throughout the day changed to first 20 orders for £20 etc. I was extremely lucky! I did tweet this offer several times on the day so hopefully some of you were lucky enough to get your paws on one too!

I have been using this since the week after Black Friday and have introduced it into my skin care regime weekly so I now feel I can give a fair review on it.

The brush on the magnitone is a battery operated brush which exfoliates and cleanses the skin, buffing away all dead skin cells to reveal a new layer of skin underneath. You can read an interview I had with Pixie for an exclusive Q&A with her. The brush claims to be a lot more gentle on your skin compared to when you use your hands - something I have always usually used when exfoliating in the bath for example. My hands are generally always soft so I was very intrigued about this!

The brush has two modes: normal mode and sensitive mode. I was a little puzzled which mode to start off with and if to use it once or twice a day to begin with. I simply tweeted Magnitone and they told me for the first week to use it twice a day on the sensitive mode (generally a lot softer and slower than normal mode) for best results.

I started off using it after removing makeup and then putting some No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser lotion on the brush but this didn't work well. I then switched to using the foaming cleansing face wash by No7 which works great but I do find I need to add some to my face in addition to the brush as the brush seems to dissolve the foam quite quickly once it's working on my face.

They do suggest using the sensitive mode as your skin gets used to the dramatic change in your skin cleansing regime so I was expecting to break out or have a slight sore face after using. I am happy to report back I didn't seem to suffer any kind of purging stage but this may be down to the foaming cleanser which is really nice! After the first day I noticed my skin looked a lot more fresh looking. It's really weird to explain but I definitely saw a positive difference! I made sure to drag myself to the bathroom twice a day for this first week to maintain the regime.

This was now the week to start using a slightly more intense setting so I was super scared the purging stage would now begin! I used the same foaming cleanser. The normal setting wasn't that different in terms of feeling and I wasn't left with any skin irriation, abrasion and I thankfully did not experience that dreaded purging stage. Yippee!

All in all, my skin has improved in terms of a smoother complexion which makes moisturising and base makeup application a dream! The Magnitone is not a cheap product and there are a few cheaper alternatives on the beauty market but I am not sure these claim to do half the things Pixie Lott has claimed her Magnitone does. Her catch phrase slogan for her product is "You Glow Girl!". My skin is definitely glowing and I couldn't be happier. It's always a breath of fresh air when a product claims to do something and is actually telling the truth instead of misleading consumers into buying a poor product with an amazing description.

Thanks Magnitone and a big thumbs up to Pixie Lott!


  1. This brush sounds like a skin saver. Wish I could get my hands on it.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog
    @MeghanSSilva on Instagram

    1. Awh man! Do they not offer world wide shopping? I know some third party beauty websites stock them ♡

  2. I've got a Mary Kay version of this (about half price) and it's so good x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

    1. Ah really! I probably would've tried that instead if I didn't manage to get such a good deal on this ha :) x


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