What I Did In 2014


Hi everyone,

I have seen everyone doing these kinds of posts and they are really interesting to put together for yourself because you sometimes forget little things that happen throughout the year but that is the wonderful thing about having a blog; everything is documented.

Let's go waaaay back to the beginning of the year...

001: It was my 21st birthday this year. I had a surprise birthday party at home which my parents organised and I had no clue about. I came home from shopping to all my family and friends inside my house and it was all overwhelming. It's now almost my 22nd!

002: This year was the first time I attended LCM (London Collection Men's). This was just before I really started getting into shooting men's fashion which is crazy to think that back then I didn't have that huge passion yet.

003: January also saw me attending Missguided's SS14 press day. It was an amazing day with Charlotte and I can't believe it's now almost a year since I hung out with that girl! I also met so many other lovely bloggers. I love what I do!

001: February saw me going to London Fashion Week shows for the first time and I did it all by myself off my own back. I went to a few shows and presentations which were good but the whole experience at LFW is something else! This was one of my biggest goals and I completed it by the second month of the year!

001: March was a quiet month. I was struggling with getting to grips with my second year at Uni and I had a lot of trouble with lacking inspiration and motivation to both shoot work and even attend Uni lectures. It was a tough time and I wanted to drop out so many times but I soldiered on.

001: Me and my little cousin did the cinnamon challenge which you can watch here.

002: I also had a hair change in April. After having an ombre for about 2/3 years I finally got it cut out and dyed my hair back dark!

001: University graduation was fast approaching which meant only one thing; my final project! Briefly mentioned this all on a post the other day but I decided to shoot boys for my end of year project and create a newspaper featuring the work I shot.

002: I then had my graduation exhibition which went sooooo well with some ups, downs and disagreements. I put a lot of effort in my work and the way I presented it; not to mention I spent hundreds and hundreds on perfecting every last little thing. It went really well and I was very proud.

003: Straight after my graduation show me and my family flew to New York, USA for our family "holiday". It was actually my 21st birthday present and my sister's 18th birthday present as both of the big birthdays were in 2014. NYC is hands down my favourite place I have ever been to and I was so sad to come home. There is no place like NYC!

001: June was a bit of a quiet month on the blog front so I can't really remember what I did. See the benefits of having a blog now?! I do remember going to the zoo with a boy and feeding giraffes and that was great.. the giraffe bit that is.

001: My blog had its "3rd birthday" this year which is crazy and now means before I know it, it'll be its 4th birthday and that's a long time to document your life online!

002: I decided to take action with a healthier lifestyle this Summer. Me and my mum joint a gym with the goal of losing weight/toning up for my parent's wedding in October. I was really motivated right up till mid September and then didn't step foot back in but I really did enjoy getting away from everything and just losing myself in the gym so I want to get back into it soon! This was also when I felt a little more confident to do a bikini outfit post!

001: I AM NOW BLONDE! I took the plunge and had no idea whether it suited me or not but I did it and really like it!

002: I took the day off work to spend with my family this summer which was so nice because it's rare we are all together on the same day even though we all live together! We took a little trip from London where we live to Hastings. It was a really lovely day and I got some lovely memorable photographs.

003: I got my first major internship which I really put my heart and soul into. Sadly it came to an end but it was great experience! I think I will do a post soon on my internship experience because I have done quite a few now and I know there is a big iffy thing about whether they are right or wrong!

004: In August I also shot my first major editorial titled Brighton Boy. It's being published in Carnival Magazine; released 10th January 2015, yay!!

001: September started off on a high. My internship was going so well and I ended up getting tickets to most of the shows at LFW .. second time this year; on a roll! I made tonnes of new friends too but no one I ended up really staying in contact with? LFW was a blast and I loved the whole experience even more than the beginning of the year. 

002: The end of September was a horrid time for me. I left my retail job in order to attend LFW meaning I had no reliable income coming in. I didn't think this through properly because when my internship came to an end, I was left with loads of great experience but no job and no money. I'm rubbish at saving money aswell so for the first time in my life I was skint and it was horrible!

001: October still saw me unemployed so I was completely down in the dumps about my whole life. Instead I decided to throw myself into my work and created a huge portfolio of work whilst I had the time away from employment to do so. I did end up spending a lot of money on travel but it was all worth it for amazing photos!

002: One amazing thing that happened in October 2014 was my parents' wedding. FINALLY, after over a year of planning it was here and it was all over in a flash!

001: Again, November started off as a bit of a 'meh' month but I was one of the lucky bloggers to get invited to the Very Party at the OXO tower. I met more new bloggers including the lovely Lorna from Studs and Dreams and I was so happy I went! I love keeping photos like this!

001: I got a new job in retail but left after the second day because I HATED IT! 

002: Christmas was a quiet one this year but it was nice to spend it with family and at home. We had a lovely dinner cooked by dad even though he dropped the gravy he had spent all night on Christmas Eve making haha! What I got for Christmas post is here.

003: I ended the year on a positive note with a negative too. Unfortunately my nanna is very unwell and in hospital at the moment so things are very tough at the moment but having someone there supporting me is a very nice feeling. I have known Ryan for 5 years and we have weirdly been through a lot together. It may have taken us 5 whole years to finally meet and we finally did on 30th December and it was perfect. I'm really happy we finally did it.

I hope your 2015 is wonderful! I love you all! X


  1. My gosh, such a busy and exciting year for you Ashleigh! Happy New Year - wishing you a happy, healthy and lucky 2015 (:

    1. Incredibly busy! Thanks very much Michelle! All the best to you too!


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