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printstagram prints
batches of 12

A few weeks ago, I read Zoe's blog post about this fab little website called Printstagram where you can print your instagram photos which you can choose directly from your account meaning no long uploads! They come in batches of twelve in two different sizes; mini prints or standard prints. I opt'd for the standard prints which are similar to a polaroid size. They are printed onto a really nice quality card and the prints themselves are stunning. No faults to report back on with Printstagram what so ever. The prints arrived in less than a week even though they were shipped from America. I remember getting a parcel tracker email the day before they arrived telling me my order was currently in L.A. Airplanes are so cool.

I am going to blu-tack these on my wall. I ordered 48 of them so there's plenty to go around! Printstagram also offer other cool things such as mini books, posters and stickers... so I may just have to place another order! Fab fab fab!

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. such an amazing site! definitely have to try this <3

  2. I posted about these yesterday! they're great aren't they! I want some more now xo

  3. ah i really want to get some done, how much was it for 48? x x

  4. Ahhh I so have to try this! Great post!

  5. ive been meaning to check this out properly as i loved zoe's post on them! yours look gorgeous x

  6. Anonymous21/2/13

    Looks like a nice collection of images you got printed. Always nice to have your memories in physical photo form. I ordered from them a few days ago, although my tracker says they are from Taiwan. Can't wait for them to arrive, in the mean time I can't decide whether I arrange them in a fram or start a scrapbook. Either way, I'm pretty excited to receive them now I have seen how nice yours look.

    Have a nice day x

  7. I once went to a party that offered prinstagram right away! You only had to post the photos with a specific # during the party and they would get it printed immediately!
    I think it's a lovely idea to hang these pictures at the wall, kind of like a photo panel :)


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