fifty facts about me!


001: My name is Ashleigh. My middle name is Lily.
002: I was born on 3rd January 1993 which makes me twenty.
003: There's about a 90% chance I was a twin.
004: My Godmother is my mum's best friend who she has known since she was 5.
005: My hair is naturally auburn which then turned brown with golden highlights.
006: I ruined this by dying my hair bright red when I was 13. Fab.
007: I played violin for about two months before it bored me to tears.
008: I was a ballet, tap and modern dancer when I was about 7 for about 5 years.
009: I got up to a yellow belt in karate, go me!
010: I did horse riding and named my horse (not literally mine) "Sunshine".

011: I played Piano for 10 years then stopped when I left school.
012: I had my first kiss when I was 18 months old with a family friend who I still talk to.
013: After school, I went to sixth form and studied Photography, Art, Psychology and Sociology. It was horrid and I dropped out a few months into it.
014: I have short nails. I can never grow them. Ever!
015: I'm 5'4 inches tall.
016: I have size 5 feet and small hands.
017: I have one sister and two half siblings.
018: I always fell asleep in Maths lessons.
019: I LOVE CHEESE; especially feta. 
020: I have two small birth marks; one on my side and one on my knee which is only visible in the summer, weird!

021: My favourite restaurant is Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Why? CHEESE.
022: I was personally chosen twice to do a workshop with the Philharmonic Orchestra London.
023: I won a handwriting competition in school and won a signed book by Michael Morpurgo.
024: My mum works at the Primary school I attended.
025: I went to two secondary schools because I was bullied physically and emotionally in the first one.
026: I used to be obsessed with history, especially Henry VIII so named my hamster Henry. (I was 10)
027: I only have my ears pierced and have no tattoos.
028: I have had pink hair.
029: I've listened to rock music since I was 14. 
030: I have saved a kitten's life.

031: I've never broken a bone.
032: My best friend lives opposite me.
033: I have lived in 5 places.
034: My niece and Grandad are my favourite people.
035: I fell in love at the stupid age of 15.
036: I work at a cinema.
037: Painting my nails is SUCH a chore. I hate it.
038: I have a BTEC Extended Diploma in Photography and achieved DD*D* :-)
039: I have exhibited my work with BA Honours level work.
040: I have signed photos of Travie McCoy and Gerard Butler.

041: Buying socks is one of my guilty pleasures.
042: I adore Kanye West.
043: I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. I wish I was a wizard. Not witch. Wizard!!!
044: My hair was down to my belly button at one point in my life, but I cut it.
045: My favourite all time film is The Lion King.
046: I will forever love the sports luxe trend. I love trainers!
047: My dream car is a white or sky blue Fiat 500. 
048: I wear red lipstick on most days.
049: When I'm older I want about three pugs.
050: I have been chatted up by a member of boy band 'Blue' (and it's the one I was obsessed with when I was younger, but I'll keep that to myself) ;-)

XO love, Ashleigh x
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  1. LOVED this!! I've been trying to do mine for about a week, can't think of anything interesting about myself pahaha definitely going to be stealing a few of your ideas!

    love how you broke the post up with photos too, and that last one is still my fav photo of you, such a cutie xoxoxox

  2. I also wish I was a wizard, i'm still waiting for my hogwarts acceptance letter to come!:D


  3. Love your blog and its concept. I think it's pretty cool! Come by and let's follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and on Instagram (if you want to of course haha)!

    Hope to see you soon!


  4. You are gorgeous! And it was great getting to know more about you! Love Travie lucky girl!


  5. Great post. Can I just say yessss you love The Lion King too I think we should be besties lol x

  6. gorgeous blog, so inspiring! I was just wondering on the name of the template you used from the website? I've been searching for ages! Thanks :)

    1. Thank you Jessie! I can't remember the name of the template, sorry!

  7. Was great getting to know more about you, I've never broken a bone either and living across from your bestfriend is so cute!


  8. My dream car is a sky blue Fiat 500 too! And I'm a total cheese and trainer fiend too, those two things just make my life worth living I swear.

  9. This post made me so much more capitvted that most bloggers 50 facts just because of the way you laid it out! Looks so lovely.

    Just came across your blog and it's so wonderful! Definitely following.

  10. Love these kinda posts :D I always have short nails too, as soon as they grow a bit they just seem to break :/


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