it's quiet


Tonight’s my first night alone with nobody but my Dog. The house is far too quiet so I put some washing on for background noise (lol).

Me & Todd went to the supermarket today and ended up buying so much junk food but I don’t care cos it tastes good! We had fresh pasta today. I was a little 'nervous' let's say as we picked out two packets (the ones you boil for 5 minutes + mix with a quick sauce). Todd picked out spicy sausage (i'm not a great lover of spicy food), whilst I picked out a tomato filled one, with a spicy tomato sauce. It tasted okay though!
We also took the Dog out. She's a little 'depressed' at the moment and isn't eating or responding to her name. She's like this every year. I keep telling her my family will be back soon (two weeks, they've gone to Turkey till the 29th), however I think she's realised 'soon' doesn't mean tomorrow.
Does anybody know a way of 'un-depressing' dogs? It's her birthday on Thursday. She's seven, so I'll pop to the supermarket on my lunch break and buy her some goodies as I'm doing a long 12-10pm shift at work, so nobody is home!

I have some exciting reviews coming up, so excited for the post this week.

Thank you for all the emails I’m receiving for my giveaway entries. Some of you are so talented!

,Lots’a love.
P.s I have Hersheys chocolate + strawberry laces + Dr Pepper!

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