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I thought I would do a post featuring what makeup I use on a daily basis. There's links on every product mentioned if you're interesting in finding information/retailers or images of them.

Firstly I cleanse, tone, exfoliate & moisturise. I have a skin care video available here if you're interested in seeing the 'lotions & potions' I use!

I use E.l.f's Studio Face Primer which I got sent. I wouldn't of bought it otherwise as my first thoughts on priming skin before applying foundation was rather negative. I thought it was pointless considering I moisturise my face before applying foundation. However, after finishing the whole bottle (i have about one application left!), I'm pleased to say I would definitely buy it and use it for my everyday routine again! It left my skin feeling more moisturised, a different kind of moisturised feeling compared to when you put moisturiser on your face. I can't explain the feeling, but it's great for dry skin! The purpose of a face primer is to make your foundation last longer. I'm not really sure it does this (i can't tell!), however I like how it preps my skin ready for makeup application.

I have been loving Maxfactor's Weightless Foundation' in Light Ivory. I'm running out of that though so I've also been using E.l.f's Studio Flawless Foundation in Porcleain, the lightest shade. I actually purchased this but thought it was funny as I received another bottle in the post for a PR review! Thank you Elf :)! I have a review and demo video using this foundation here.

I conceal my eyes using Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection concealer in shade 1 which I highly recommend. It also lasts ages! I've had mine around 2-3 months and I haven't run out of it yet!

I use a wide variety of powders. Sometimes I prefer the feel and finish of loose powder, but sometimes I like a pressed powder. My favourites:
Loose powders: E.l.f's HD powder, and a cheaper one at just £1.99 Natural Collection's loose powder in translucent.
My favourite pressed powder is one by Collection 2000. Although the image currently on the Superdrug website is a little different, maybe it's changed?

I wear eyeshadow everyday, usually as a base for my eyeliner. However, it does tend to change a lot! Sometimes I wear a very light dusky pink. Sometimes (usually for my classy outfits)I wear a beige colour on my lid and a dark brown shadow in my crease but then otherdays I keep it very minimal or very over the top!

Eyebrow information is in my FAQ.

My blush everyday varies. Sometimes I don't wear it at all! Same with lipsticks, it changes all the time!

Eyeliners. I always get asked questions on eyeliners so here's my favourites:
PEN LINERS: 1 + 2, both in Black.
PENCIL: This one
LIQUID: This one GEL: E.l.f's cream liner, which comes with a variety of colours & a free angled brush!

Lots of love, xx

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