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Since reading about the current blogging opportunity that Look are running for five lucky bloggers, I have been thinking about whether or not to enter. I haven't got anything to lose, so here's my entry!

I haven't planned how I'm going to write my entry; I'm simply just going to write.

I started blogging around two years ago on Tumblr and have over three thousand followers.
This is in no way a 'sob story' but I would like to be completely honest in my entry.

From the ages of 11 to 16, I was overweight and miserable. I changed schools because I was being bullied by numerous different people and my life was horrible. My Mum always said to me 'you'll lose the baby fat as soon as you reach 16'. Well, at 16 I was still chubby and it began to effect me emotionally.

Those chubby cheeks have never left me!

I never had an interest in fashion whilst at school. I literally lived in Primark.
My statements were plain long sleeved tops & blue jeans.  

Me on the far right in Spain. Ignore the date. This was around 2008.

Getting to the point...
My first year of 'college' failed. I went to sixth form, hated it and so dropped out.  The people were horrible. I was concious of how I looked around all the other beautiful girls. I planned on starting all over again the following September which I did.

Soon after leaving the first few months of sixth form, my friends began ditching me one by one.  Since that very day I left, (a year & half ago!), I haven't spoken to my so-called "best friends" because they all ditched me for boyfriends. To be honest, I think it was probably for the best. We didn't have a lot in common. Besides, I am in a long term relationship and he's a better friend than they ever were!

I get countless lovely messages on my Tumblr everyday from followers. I have devoted my time to reviewing products for companies such as E.l.f (eyeslipsface.co.uk). I spend hours customising my tumblr to make it look interesting to look at and different compared to everyone else's blogs out there.

Seventeen months ago, I was just a normal teenager who started a blog to post pictures & daily diary posts. My follower number has spiraled out of control since blogging only about fashion & my personal life. I believe every one of my followers are following me because they enjoy my blog; reading about what I've been up to, upcoming events and looking at personal photos and product reviews.

Since losing the weight and being a happy size UK 12, I throw myself into fashion everyday. I am heavily inspired by 1950's classy glamour whilst throwing a raw edge punk style to my outfits.
Whether this be wearing a 'cute' floral tea-tree dress and then adding a leather jacket or doc martens. Or wearing black skinny jeans with a crop top, docs & minimal eye makeup.. but keeping my statement red lip.
I love change, I love dressing up, I love expressing myself and how I'm feeling through the use of clothes, colour & texture.

Me on the left! Little Sister on the right.
Lanzarote, April 2011

Why I would like to be at the front row:
It would be a dream come true to be on the front row at the Westfield fashion show. It would be the most amazing opportunity to take photographs and include them in my college course as references for my upcoming major projects. (I study photography!)
I would also love to get the chance to meet new people (as I said, I lost all my friends... or well, they lost me!!!), especially ones who have the same interests as myself. It would be really great to meet other bloggers who live & breathe fashion, to exchange opinions & advice etc.

My favourite style.
Mark Pedder photography.
(College work)

This is my entry.
Thank you for reading.

Twitter - @ashleigh_lily


  1. Anonymous13/8/11

    really good post, good luck xx

  2. aw ashleigh you are beautiful honey! i really hope you win lovely xxxx


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