3rd November 2009.


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I haven't really written much about my Boyfriend other than the occasional "today me and my Boyfriend went to..." post. I'm currently home alone, watching junk TV, overdosed with Dr Pepper, with my Dog snoring beside me. What would I love to write about? I'm going to ignore the fact this is a fashion based blog, but it's also a personal one, so here goes.

I started talking to Todd through MySpace (cringe just thinking about it!). I went through a phase where I searched the town where I live, and I'd add any male or female who had a school listed in the area. I sound like such a weirdo and I'm sure 95% of the people I friend requested thought I was a complete and utter bell'end.
We swapped ''msn addies''. Ohh, being a 15 year old was such fun. I do miss the old MySpace & MSN days. It was such fun, wasn't it?! No? Just me then ^_^!


Cutting a long story short.. we ended up swapping numbers and went through these periods of time not talking and then getting back into contact and constantly talking to losing contact again. I had a few relationships. I don't count any of my past relationships as relationships, but one, due to the fact they were nothing like I have now. It was merely just me and a boy talking a lot via MSN and meeting once or twice a week... sometimes not even once.

I knew I had always had different feelings towards Todd. Total cringe moment, but I had spoken to many boys from the same area (MSN whore?) but none were like Todd. The majority were just after trying to get me to meet them or just weren't interested in talking to me at all!

I really wanted to meet Todd and he said he really wanted to meet me, however only really said it when he felt he had to, possibly? I dunno. Being honest, he was and still is the most confusing human being I have ever come across, but maybe that's why I felt and still feel attracted to him? He's different. So, so different.
This sounds so ignorant of me, but I kinda left him with no choice in the end. He either met me or lost me. I was literally fed up of having more and more (getting more in-depth) conversations with him and not getting anywhere. He said he liked me/wanted to meet me, however he never said anything about meeting. I never saw pictures of him. I think I saw one but he took that display picture down quicker than he put it up. It occured to me a few times maybe "Todd Smith" doesn't even exist. Maybe he's just some old guy from Brazil claiming to be a 16 year old lad from the same town as me. However, I had some of his mates on MySpace.. (complete LOL!) so he had to be real?!

He was :-)

We finally met after around two years of talking! Remember, I had never seen a picture of him, so I had no idea what to expect! However, he finally sent a very cheeky picture of himself on holiday in August 2009. A cheeky mirror shot! Oh, how I will tease him till the day I die about that one. Then again, I suppose I cannot talk with my expert 'myspace shots'. Thanx for the add :D xxxx

Forgetting other details of who else was there (it was a double date but it doesn't matter who with!)... Me & Todd went to see 'Up'. I had no clue what the heck it was about, other than the fact it was a new film out, disney and obviously an animation. We laughed so much and both felt like idiots with 3D glasses on. The journey home was the most un-awkward one I've ever experienced with someone I didn't really know (in person anyway). We just spoke and spoke. He walked me home and I think we both knew we didn't want to leave eachother, so we sat on my porch for what seemed like hours and spoke about everything. I can't even remember what about...I just remember feeling so warm inside and praying inside that he liked me and wasn't pretending!

A few days later, after an agonising wait of not knowing whether he liked me or didn't like me.. "we got together" (I hate saying that!). He didn't ask me out, nor did I ask him out. We just kinda "got together"! We never kissed which I liked because he wasn't too full on and liked me for me.

My Parent's never met him till around a month or so later. I'm very anxious when my Mum meets boyfriends or new friends. She met a handful of my previous relationships and only liked one! I made sure me and Todd went slowly. He came to meet me at my porch literally every other day and we would talk and talk.. with a blanket to keep us warm! It was a coincidence that my Mother ever met him...
A robbery of some sort had happened in my area. A helicopter was overhead.. looking for the suspects, when all of a sudden a police officer or two (I cannot remember) walked by my house and onto my drive and told me and Todd to get out of the blanket. She searched us and Todd's bag and basically thought we were th suspects and advised it would be a good idea to get inside... so I obviously had to knock on the door.. to find my bewildered Mother ironing the clothes.
Then the questions began..

And here we are now! Nearly a year and 10 months later :D

November 2009. 
Our first photo together! My Sister made us laugh, hence the huge grins on our faces!

Checked shirt coincidence! 


 Summer of 2010!

 Mad hair changes & shag bands (Cringe!)

 Michael Jackson impersonators!! 

 Goofy moments <3

Big vs. small.

I hope this doesn't make you all sick! I don't like lovey dovey things myself. 
This is complete honesty how we met and stuff :)

How did you meet your partner?
I would love to know!


  1. Are those photobooth pics? The effect on photobooth are so funny, i put my cat on it and he looked like yoda! xxx

  2. Hahaha! That's so funny! They're not on Photobooth, no. I would love a Macbook, but I use them in college and they confuse the hell out of me! I just have a few webcam 'features' ;) xx


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