Travalo Atomiser Perfume Dispensers Review


Hi everyone,

Kelly from Travalo kindly sent me two Extended Atomiser Perfume Dispenser's to review for you guys! I was uber excited to receive them as they're a total different thing to review and the concept behind them is so handy!

So, I got sent a pink one and a black one. I'm not a lover of pink but it's not too girly if that makes sense. However, I much prefer the other one as you can never go wrong with the classiness of black!

So, what are they for?
I think the concept behind them is so, so clever. So, you know when you're packing for a holiday and you get to the dilemma of what perfumes to pack? We all do it! Of course you'd love to take your pricey Chanel perfume but who wouldn't get scared of it getting smashed on the way?! Obviously sneaking it into your hand luggage won't work, so you end up risking it and wrapping your favourite, however most expensive perfume in three beach towels or you settle for the most unpopular, cheaper perfume in your collection.

Well.. here's how the Travalo Excel Extended Atomiser comes to use! The Travalo comes packaged inside its own little case with a really girly floral design, which I love! This will protect it inside your bag and make sure no perfume comes out! Once you remove the outer casing, you're left with the actualu Travalo dispenser, which comes with another lid. I love the packaging!

All you have to do is unscrew the little pump head off your perfume. At the bottom of the Travalo product, there's a little rubber hole thing, which your perfume head will pop into.

All you have to do is keep pumping and pumping until you fill up the Travalo, which you can see via the little window on the front!

 Once you remove the outer casing, there's little instructions inset.

You get around 60 pumps if you buy the Extended Travalo, or you can opt for the Travalo Classic and get 50 pumps.


  • The Travalo doesn't require a funnel. As long as you have a perfume with a removable head (as illustrated above), you can retract the perfume into the dispenser. No spills!
  • Range of colours! Pink, Silver, Black, Gold etc.
  • The little window will help you decide when you need to top up!
  • The Travalo is small enough to keep in your handbag or even your pocket. It's about the same size as the average finger, maybe a tiny bit bigger than a lipstick.. but it's just the right size! It's roughly 8cm long and weighs just 13 grams (made from aluminum), however doesn't get any heavier once filled with perfume!
  • The best thing... Travalo dispensers can be carried as part of hand luggage at the airport. The bottles are also adjusted to make sure there's no air pressure on board.. no leaks!
  • No glass is inside the Travalo.
  • RRP is around £9.99, however the cheapest price is at for just £5.99, including delivery!
  • Suitable for both Men & Women!
  • Lifetime guarantee included!
They're perfect for festivals, holidays, business meetings, gym classes, school, trips and just about anything!

Have you tried the Travalo?
Will you try one now?

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