things i like #3


found via tumblr - credit unknown
The opposite of albinism called melanism: a rare trait where the skin and fur are all black. 

found via tumblr - credit unknown
pineapple trousers! 

youtube link here
barak obama sings "i'm sexy and i know it" HAHA 

youtube link here
  kid's magic trick goes wrong! 

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A video about the blogging internet sensation about Gala Darling 
Some people have completely slated everything she believes in and how she portrays herself as a person, but I think she's AWESOME and to make a lot of money out of something you LOVE doing is GREAT!

 dog owners reveal the secrets about their dogs muuuahaha! 
more here!

two little girls discuss a really bad hair cut - SO CUTE! 

watch the other episodes in the series here!
honey boo boo child 
The series is made up of a number of episodes following a family in America who are the cutest and funniest family EVER. I adore them all! At first they seem absolutely crazy and deluded but I'm on the fifth episode now and I love them all! I love that they don't care what people think of them!

 songs i'm listening to:
hole in my heart (alphabeat), changes (2pac), heatwave (wiley feat ms d), read all about it part III (emeli sande), fairground (simply red), don't judge me (chris brown), long distance (bruno mars)

 blog's i'm reading:
sara (WAISTE) - Sara blogs her outfits and I've fallen in love with her style. She has the kind of style that I really like at the moment! I just love her blog and i've only been reading it for a few days so far!

I challenge ANY harry potter fan to do THIS! I didn't even manage to get 100/200 and you all know how harry potter obsessed I am!
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  1. Haha the Obama dubs are epic! I really like the one of him 'singing' Justin Bieber - Boyfriend ( x

    1. Oh my goodness, that is amazing!!! Thanks for sharing :)!

  2. Oh those dogs, so funny :D

  3. had to do the harry potter challenge, was so difficult i only managed 95/200 and when they show the answers you missed i was slapping myself lol

    1. Haha i was like GOD DAMMIT aswell! i promise i am a true fan! *sobs*

  4. My friend is Harry Potter mad and has an insane memory haha I remember her doing this a while ago and only missed off about 20. Insane!

  5. i love honey boo boo child! i've watched all the episodes so far on youtube. i even tried making her 'go-go juice' once haha xx

    1. YES! Someone else who watches it! <3 amazing isn't it? Haha, haven't got that far yet but it sounds fun. Might have to give it a go too lol! x

  6. The HP challenge was so hard! I got 111 which is kinda funny, but couldn't spell a whole load of names, and forgot some really easy ones >.< but it was fun doing it :)

    Lisa xx


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