my week in photos: 20th aug - 25th aug 2012


Pretty Little Liars catchup · New favourite program! · Sister about to open her GCSE results! · A relevant quote · Tidy bedroom · Back doing outfit posts?! · Me & the sistuuur · Quick shoe swap (I trod in dog p00p lol~!) · New item in my wardrobe - (Primarni!)
001: Only feels like yesterday I put together last week's post! Time sure does fly by! How do you like the new photo layout? I've been experimenting with different ways of showing my week in photos and I quite like this look!

002: Enrolled for Uni this week and got my Uni ID card. Really wanted a new picture but a gorgeous guy was looking at me (awkward!) as I went to get it "re-shot", so I chickened out and just used last years. Hate it though. It's so yellow toned, I look like a simpson! I have my induction week 3rd, 4th and 5th so I'm hoping I meet some cool people! Cannot wait to get back into a routine!

003: Louise got her GCSE results this week, just like every other 16 year old who's sat exams! She is a musical theatrical genuis (I'm not into that stuff so I have no idea how to explain what I mean) but she's into dancing, singing, acting, performing, musical stuff! Pleased to say she got 4 A*'s in her Performing Arts! She starts college next month and I know she's very nervous so if anyone out there studies dance/music/drama etcetc, do let me know a little tip down below that I can pass onto her! Or follow her on twitter @LouiseHatchard - she would love to hear from you!

004: Never did quite manage to find a pair of shoes for my brother's wedding. *inserts huge fat sigh here*. I found myself distracted by clothes (as always). Ah well, saving a few bob I suppose!

Have you're all having a good bank weekend?
Let me know what you're up to below!
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  1. Anonymous26/8/12

    I don't actually study performing arts in college but I've been doing them since I was around three years old. An important thing to remember is that she wouldn't be studying performing arts if she wasn't good, and that to gain 4a*'s in them is an incredible achievement, so to not feel nervous performing in front of others because she must be very good! :D

    love coming on here and reading your posts! what happened to you ten day challenge? xx

  2. Im in LOVE wuh honey boo boo, its the best! xx


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