2012 Olympics


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I wasn't planning on blogging about the Olympics but it's currently 1:21am and I'm sitting down and writing this, because I am just THAT impressed!

I've watched a few days worth of the Olympic games. I'm not really into sport at all so sometimes it was a little tedious and repetitive for me, but I really enjoyed the swimming/diving (how cute is Tom Daly?) and also the women's boxing!

Last night marked the last day of the Olympics, celebrated with the closing ceremony which I thought was just fantastic. Of course, I went slightly berserk (literally screamed and cried) at Jessie J's appearance and was really excited to see the Spice Girl's long-awaited appearance.. which I thought was amazing, although I thought Geri's dress was a bit of a let down?!

It's what every British person says, but I really am so proud to be British! 

Did you watch the ceremony? What did you think of it?
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  1. Ahh I watched it too! I loved the Spice Girls, I whipped out all the dancemoves haha. Also loved the fashion bit, and fat boy slim!

    I'm also a ST member so feel free to use my code if you wanna use one :)


  2. Ahh the olympics was amazing! The first half of the closing ceremony was a bit blah, but it soon picked up after George Michael performed! :D Loved The Who performing at the end!

  3. Nice to see an olympic post, original!

    I loved the closing ceremony and the opening. It was so English :) x x x

  4. I loved the opening ceremony and really enjoyed the whole olympics I was down in London at the weekend and the atmosphere was amazing! I thought the closing ceremony was weird and wonderful.. totally british. I'm so proud to be British too :)

    Jo. x


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