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Babies and children’s feet grow shockingly quickly. It often feels that as soon as you’ve bought your little one a new pair of shoes, his toes are scrunched up and it’s time to buy a new pair. Knowing when to buy a new pair of shoes for your little one can actually be quite difficult, and being able to spot the signs that they may be feeling discomfort is very important. Factors such as the quality of the shoe, the material used and how the shoes are treated also play an important role in the ‘longevity’ of any pair of shoes. If you do find that you are buying shoes for your child a little too often you may find the following tips on what to look out for when buying children’s shoes useful:

Choose Leather over Plastic
Good quality shoes are often made out of leather. Leather is a softer material than plastic, which is particularly important with children’s shoes as this encourages free movement of the muscles and promotes healthy blood circulation, enabling proper development of a child’s growing foot.

It is particularly important that kids wear a decent pair of shoes for school, where they will be in the shoes for more than six hours at a time.

Kickers offer a great range of children’s school shoes that are made from leather and radiate quality without compromising style. Kickers Kick Hi Kids Back to School Lace Ups are a good choice of school shoes that are likely to see the year out and may even stretch into the following school year!

Opt for Shoes with Adjustment Options
To increase the life of children’s shoes, it is recommended that you buy shoes that have a fastening feature, such as straps, Velcro fastenings or laces. Not only do these fastenings secure the shoe onto the foot better, they also provide a minor modification meaning that the shoes can ‘grow’ with your child’s feet as opposed to slip on style shoes where there is no room for adjustment or growth.

Again, the quality footwear brand Kickers has a comprehensive range of quality children’s footwear that includes various fastening features, such as laces, Velcro and straps.

Kickers Fragma Strap Junior Boys Velcro Fastening shoes are a good choice of boys’ school shoes. Not only do they look smart and stylish but in possessing a Velcro strap they can also be altered slightly to accommodate your child’s rapidly growing feet – providing more comfort and greater practicality.
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