things i like #1


I'm kick-starting a new feature on my blog where I collect things I have found that have either made me smile or inspired me in some way to show you!
jessie j's autobiography, released september 27th (so excited!)

a funny haters video (direct link here)

number 10: the kid who wrote to dumbledore

my favourite scene in easy a (credit)

found via tumblr (no credit)

songs i'm listening to: baby i'm yours (breakbot, irfane), dancing with the dj (the knocks), lovefool (the cardigans), sweetlife (frank ocean), shoulda woulda coulda (beverley knight), in the shadows (the rasmus)

blogs i'm reading: grace (grace & braver), abbie (little flutters)

i'm feeling inspired to: sell more stuff from my blog sale, book my theory test, visit the harry potter universal studios, have a day out (with someone) and shoot some new film.
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  1. I've followed your blog for ages and I clicked on this post- I am a heartbeat too! xo Are you going to her tour?! x

  2. I really liked this post- the letter to dumbledore made my day!xo

  3. Aw,such a nice feature,I love the letter to Dumbledore ^.^

  4. Thankyou so much for the mention sweetheart! xo

  5. Ah thank you for mentioning me you beautiful thing you! xoxo

  6. This is such a cute post, Ashleigh! That letter to Dumbledore made me smile so much, and I can't wait for Jessie J's autobiography too :)
    I hope you're having a lovely weekend :) xxx

  7. omg the dumbledore one.. <3

  8. Haha the third one is adorable! x


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