ASHLLYD travels: Part 6/6


The final instalment to my little ASHLLYD travels series!

On the third and final day of hiring the car, we took a two hour journey across endless motorways in search of Amoni Beach. My dad had heard good things about it so we were all on a mission! Once we found it we were surprised to see a lot of people gathered in one area of the beach but there was loads of it empty, so we took a stroll further down. My parents and Louise jumped straight into the sea, but the bane of my life is being pale, so I had to make sure I smothered myself so I looked even paler (yay!) in suncream before I could join them. The beach that we visited before had large pebbles under the sea which were smooth enough to stand on, but we were all happy to find that Amoni beach was completely sand-based at the bottom and most of the water was extremely clear... no sign of fish though!

I took the cutest photo of Louise sleeping in the car on the way back. We didn't leave till around 5pm so the sun was starting to set. I remember falling asleep too not long after photographing Louise. Why do cars always make you sleepy?

We discovered air conditioning! My dad decided to drop it in a conversation about halfway through the holiday, so me and Louise had to suffer the most horrible nights trying to sleep in humid air with both balcony doors open and the sound of the sea crashing against the rocks. This was also basically an invitation for mosquitoes to come party. From that point onwards we left the air conditioning on every night and often woke up freezing (but in a nice way!). This meant I could wear pyjamas. I'm awfully old fashioned when it comes to bed time. I also find it impossible to sleep without some kind of duvet/sheet over me which was another reason sleeping without air conditioning sucked!

For the rest of the week we just had more lazy by the pool/down the lagoon days. We went to two restaurants where the customer service was so bad, that we asked for the bill straight after eating. Our favourite restaurant by far was visited FIVE times and was a family run business called Harmony, owned by a lovely couple called Stavros (the host) and Georgia (she was the cook). Their sons played traditional Greek songs on the piano and ukulele for fifteen minutes every night which really made us all smile! I ate SO many tomatoes whilst away. I never really eat them at home unless they're cherry tomatoes in a salad or on a pizza. They were really gorgeous out there though! And of course, Ashleigh the cheese-o-holic ate a lot of feta and halloumi cheeses, and went O.T.T on mozerella on spaghetti! I also drank A LOT of water!

Sadly at some point everyone has to leave a holiday. 1st August was our departure date. Our flight home wasn't until 3:15pm (1:15pm UK time) so we got up at 8am, had breakfast, had a swim in the pool and then had a shower and made sure everything was packed... and then we were on our way; back in that teeny, tiny trailer that drove us to the hotel when we arrived at Pafos airport. The airport was manic but had free wifi which was all good. You're probably aware that I am a tweet-o-holic so I honestly missed tweeting for two weeks, sad? This was when I found out I won a  blog giveaway for tickets to see Jessie J in Camden! ESTATIC! We bought lots of magazines and haribo, flapjacks and pepper/sour-cream "healthy crisps" to bide the time on the plane. Unfortunately, our plane was delayed by about an hour which meant we arrived back in the UK later than originally planned but we finally got home after a long day around 9pm (11pm Cyprus time, so it really was a long old day!!!!). 

I really recommend Cyprus as an overall place to visit. The beaches are lovely and the people are overall friendly and welcoming (although if you come across a bar/restaurant called 'Holly's', DO NOT visit!).

I hope you have enjoyed this little series. Lifestyle blogs are my favourite. I love reading about people's travels and everyday lives. It's always cool to nose into another person's life! I will be blogging one last instalment towards my travels to Cyprus; my holiday outfits. I didn't photograph 14 of them as being honest, I really couldn't be bothered dressing up most nights but I have a few to show you! There will also be a few Instagram images in my week in photos feature which sadly will not be featured on a Sunday like it's meant to be, but once that's posted my scheduling will be back to normal!
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  1. Sounds lovely! I love the sound of the sea on the rocks xx

  2. Looks like you had a great time - looking forward to seeing the outfit post :) x


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