jessie j LIVE - 04/08/12


Sorry for the crap quality photos. I only had my iPhone and a little compact camera. There was no way I was taking my big camera!

I was incredibly lucky to win two tickets through entering a blog giveaway that Jen ran a few weeks ago. It was a last minute entry.. literally an hour before I left for my holiday! (How bloody lucky was that?!)

The gig was at The Roundhouse in Camden (London) on Saturday 4th August. I was chuffed to win not only a ticket for myself, but a +1 so I took my mum! We was incredibly excited all day, so much so that my mum ended up nicking my Jessie J tee (from Topman!) so I had no ~fangirl merch~ to wear myself! I wore a green crop top which I am still unsure about, american apparel disco pants in black, creepers with black socks and just chucked on my leather jacket.. and of course rocked my red lip!

On with the gig itself...

It was INCREDIBLE. I mean, I knew she was amazing live but now I've actually seen her perform, I cannot even put into words how out of this world she is. Her stamina and energy through every song and her constant   motivation to get the crowd singing and dancing was amazing! My favourite songs were 'Who You Are' which made me cry so much cos I can really relate to the lyrics, 'Laserlight', which turned into a ~jump up and down~ song (even my mum was jumping!) and of course, my favourite Jessie J song ever... DOMINO! This was the closing song when MILLIONS of tissue papery bits fell from the ceiling and I then realised I had lost my voice.

Super amazing night and now I'm stoked for March... her London tour (I have tickets for that too!)

Anyone going to her tour in March? Or have you already seen JJ live? Let me know below!
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  1. I am seeing Jessie next year in birmingham with some friends, and i cant wait!! x

  2. Anonymous14/8/12

    I'm glad you had a lovely time! I was lucky enough to see her last year in Nov at the Children In Need Rocks concert! She's incredible live. So so good! :-)

    rachelpan xo

  3. Oh my god I was there too! xo

    Where did you stand? I'm so glad there's another blogger that's a heartbeat too! x

    1. Was you?! Aha amazing! I was at the back on the left (standing).. maybe 6/7 rows from the front?! Aha, I'm a massive heartbeat! <3
      A x

  4. I'm very jealous Jessie J is amazing :)

    Jo. x

  5. That photo of you and your mummy is so cute haha! Even though i'm not the biggest fan, she has an amazing voice and can imagine she puts on an amazing gig! Glad you had fun Ashleigh (:

    Much much love, Emma xo

  6. Desperate to see Jessie J live - I'm so jealous! Looks like an amazing night, and your Mum sounds incredibly cool haha xxx


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