Fudge Salt Spray


I have never heard of the brand Fudge before, but what an awesome brand name, right?

Before going on holiday, I knew straight away that I wouldn't bother with my hair in forty degree heat, so I was looking around for a product that would help maintain my locks, but at the same time help to keep it nourished. The sun and chlorine from the swimming pool really dried out my hair so I felt like I needed to wash it everyday, but even that isn't good for your hair!

The Salt Spray by Fudge claims to give a "raw, textured, got out of bed look" which is quite possibly my favourite look. I know it's probably bad, but I rarely ever brush my hair and am constantly 'poofing' it up so it looks all messy (I tend to clip two front bits back afterwards). You are meant to apply it on damp hair, which is sprayed on. The nozzle distributes a fair amount of product. I didn't feel like too much or not enough was coming out. You're then advised to almost massage the product into your roots and then scrunch the ends of your hair. I was really amazed at how quickly my hair got the 'beach wave' look. Almost instantly, my hair became wavy and quite tousled. 

The liquid also has some UV protection magicness in it although I am unsure whether this worked or not. It also smells of coconut which I am sure the majority of people will love.. but it's not a smell I personally like myself! I was really surprised that the waves lasted all evening (I only wore it on evenings out). I would say that you should go by the old saying "less is more". I found 5/6 sprays was more than enough. The only negative thing I have to say is that it is quite drying, but it does contain salt so it's expected; however not as drying as most salt sprays available. It's really easy to brush out too! I stuck to a routine whilst on holiday so I could make sure my hair wasn't being too damaged by salt, sea, sun and chlorine! 

day 1 - wash, leave to air dry, go out.
day 2 - get in the pool, shower my hair WITHOUT shampooing/conditioning, use the salt spray, go out.
& then repeat!

Overall, I have really enjoyed using the salt spray and when it's finished (i'm not even halfway through the bottle yet), I probably will get it again! I don't think the price is that bad. It usually retails for £10.81 but you can get it cheaper, at £8.65 via hairtrade.com. I haven't got any images of me wearing it but if there's any holiday photos of me with wavy hair, it's down to Fudge!

Have you tried this? Would you recommend any other salt sprays?
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  1. This actually sounds good, don't worry I don't brush my hair that often too. I just love the bed hair look. x

  2. Going to have to try this, sounds perfect for what I'm looking for. I adore coconut scents as well!

  3. I use this all the time, it's wonderful!


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